Well we are under way, and we have four points in the bag, and it's still not to late for me...is it?

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It's been a mixed week for me really. I never got the call from Sven, Robbie has not rung me either. England have played two games now and I am not part of it. There must be some sort of problem with getting me out there. That is all I can think it can be. Maybe FIFA have messed up the paper work or something? I tried ringing Sven at the hotel they are all staying in to get the latest on what was going on, but the receptionist must have been new or something because as soon as I gave her my name she told me she would not be able to put me through. 
Had to watch the England Sweden game on my own. As I have said all my mates here in Spain are at the World Cup playing, so I went down to my little cafe and watched the game with two old blokes drinking port at the bar. The barman got me my usual tipple of coffee and creame and I settled down to watch the lads kick off their World Cup campaign. No Robbie but I was sure he would be brought on if they needed a goal. Had to keep quiet when we scored. The two old blokes
at the bar were trying to listen to the radio, and they got a bit funny when I shouted at the ref after the first minute. So raised a smile to myself when Campbell scored. But the game didn't end how we wanted it to and I couldn't help thinking that I could have made a difference if I had been there. The long ball game suits me and with my pace, well I'm trying not to think about it to be honest. Stayed in the Cafe for the Spanish game. Watching them win 3-1 was hard to take after our draw, and the two old men took great pride in dancing round my table at the final whistle creating a kind of whirlwind smell of port and piss around me. So decided it was time to just go back home.
Decided that maybe it was time for me to give up the ghost. The World Cup had kicked off and no one had called me. I went into work and left details of how England could get hold of me if they needed me. It was time to take a holiday. Maybe the best thing I could do right now was to go home to England and stay with my mum and dad for a few weeks. Then I could catch up with old friends and chill out for a bit. My World Cup dream was over and I needed to be amungst my own.
Instead of ringing ahead to say I would be coming over, I thought it would be fun to suprise them all and just turn up. Packed another bag and set off. Tickets brought easy enough, even treated myself to first class, well I needed cheering up. Before long I was back at Liverpool Airport. The rain chucking it down, it was great to be back. I couldn't wait to get home and stay in my old room, sample some of mum's cooking again. Jumped in a Taxi and headed home. Only when I finally got home I found that they had gone on holiday and no one was in. This really was turning into the worst summer of my life. I had gone from one empty house to another. Still at least I would be able to look up old mates and hang out with them, go to some real pubs for a change and maybe take in the odd night club. I could even pop down to London for a few days and maybe visit my old mate Jamie Redknapp? So decided to unpack and just get settled in. I was home at least. It did feel good to be home I have to say. Unfortunatly my day hadn't finished there. Within 30 mins of me getting home I had the police knocking at the door.
Something you get used to here in Liverpool, only this time when I answered the door I was told I was under arrest. Before I could answer them I was in the back of their car being taken off to the station. Once there I was told why I had been arrested. It seems that one of the neighbours had seen me going into the house and thought I was breaking in. Once I told the police who I was, they let me go saying they had forgotten who I was, as clearly the neighbours had as well. To show that there was no hard feelings I offered them all an autograph but they declined saying they had a Ronny Rosthental one and were happy with that.
Had to settle for watching the Argentina game at the nick in the end. Great result but it just made me sad that I was again not there. Went home got myself something to eat. Maybe tomorrow would be a better day.