Under Two weeks now until the World Cup kick off. And I am so looking forward to my first World Cup. The chance to play in the greatest football tournament. I know Sven has not rung yet but I can't see me not going to the World Cup. I play for Real Madrid for god's sake. Well ok I have only started 5 of the last 30 odd games but come on.
So as I am going to be in the thick of the action so to speak I am going to be keeping my very own World Cup diary. Every week from now on I will be bringing you all the in's and outs from Korea/Japan as us England lads go for the greatest title football has to offer.
It's been an odd week really, a bit lonely in many ways. Tried ringing all my mates for a chat but of course none of them are around at the moment, all at their training camps ready for the World Cup. Decided to pop into work and do some light training, just to keep myself in some sort of shape for when Sven gives me the call. I have to say it is really good of him to give me this extra time off to relax after the Champions League Final, but I miss being with the lads. But Sven know's best, and if I am going to play a big part in this World Cup I have to be at my sharpest. Anyway got to the ground and there was hardly anyone there. Even the youth players were not there, all away playing for the U21's and what have you. So I managed to talk the groundsman into helping me train. Took some doing and in the end I agreed to do it in the car park. Old git didn't want anyone on the pitch during the summer. Still we set up a goal at one end of the car park out of the training bibs and I practised my dribbling.
Felt good to get the ball at my feet again. I haven't had the chance much this season. But that is the price you pay for coming to the biggest club in the world. After a good 20 minutes the groundsman was knackered so we called it a day.
So it was back home for some lunch. Decided as I was not yet out there in Korea that I would get myself some Chinese takeaway to get used to the sort of food that I will have to be eating out there. I have to say that Chips and Pancake Roll was quite a welcomed treat. The Boss don't like us tucking into that sort of food during the season. But hey if that is what they eat out there I have to be ready.
The evening was a bit hard to get through, with everyone gone at the moment I spent the night watching TV. Tuned into the Sports channels and caught reports of the lads at their training camp. I can't wait to join up with them. Seeing Robbie out there with Michael and Butty made me a bit homesick. Silly I know and I will be there soon enough. After a good few hours of that I decided that it would not be long before I would possibly have to leave at a moment's notice and I remembered I had not packed.
Have to say that did make me feel a bit better, kind of made it all feel real at last. Soon I would be at Madrid airport and off to play in my first World Cup. The time difference between Spain and Korea is big so I have to keep reminding myself that Sven will proberly ring first thing in the morning. Christ knows how the hell I was going to sleep. Packed all my stuff, had to write myself a note to remember to buy some new trunks at the airport. Had a little chuckle about my passport picture. Brought back happy memories of when I was playing for Liverpool and I was with all my mates. Remembering all the fun we used to get up to. Still people move on don't they. And I can't knock the lifestyle I have here in Spain, and my family come out here during the summer for a holiday so it's not like I am totally alone is it. Everything packed right down to my World Cup wallchart that I plan to put up in my room. Hopefully we will be there long enough to be filling in England in the Final spot. Robbie loves filling these  out as well, it helps fill the hours when there is little to do. I have become quite good at
that here at Madrid. Not many of the players like to go out after training, although I do hear them chatting about their nights out at training. I suppose they have to make up stories to go with their big names. That was what was so good at Liverpool, we all just went out together, The Spice Boys they used to call us. Always brings a smile to my face when I think back. Just think in a day I will be teamed up with Robbie again. I can't wait. Double check the phone to make sure it's working. Not a big problem as Robbie has my mobile number if Sven can't get through.........time for bed.