doves   lost souls
Jezz Williams

Andy Williams

Gimi Goodwin
here it comes
break me gently
sea song
lost souls
melody calls
catch the sun
the man who told everything
the cedar room
a house
So think back to 1993, and a dance track featuring Mel Williams called "aint no love (aint no use)". It got to number 3. Was a huge hit and even now can fill any dance floor.
That track was of course by Sub Sub.

Well Sub Sub are now called Doves, and this must be one of the biggest transformations in music since Everything but the Girl found drum and bass. And it's all thanks to a fire.

Working in a run down studio complete with holes in the walls, the band one day came back to their studio to find it had burnt to the ground. The only thing that had been saved was a guitar that one of the firemen was strumming. With everything lost the band were faced with a decision to make. Carry on or finish it. Thankfully they chose to carry one. Only they reinvented themselves. Dropping their old image of a dance group to a rock group. So work was started on their new material. The result was Lost Souls. And this album has to go down as one of the best debut albums ever made.

But the album comes away from the trend set by the sounds around set by the likes of Oasis, ColdPlay & Radiohead. Lost Souls just steps out of the usual sound of rock bands around at the moment.
There are plenty of tracks on here you will have heard and liked but not known who they were by.  Proberly the one that most will know is "Catch the Sun", and as a track it does not really prepare you for how the rest of the album will sound.

This is a rock album but it's dramatic in sound. Every track is an epic lasting on average about 5:30mins. Psychedelic, electronic, backbeats, shimmering guitar, this album changes direction just when you think you have got the feel of it. And just when you think the album is about to take a moody out look you are given a rock track that lifts you up and throws you across the room.

The stand out tracks are "The man who told everything", "sea song", "rise" & "catch the sun". All different in sound, showing the vast array of talent Doves have.
This album is so good you almost don't want them to bring out the follow up, so as not to break the magic.

With so many so called brit pop / indie bands running out of ideas, this is a very welcome edition to the sound. Taking the whole catogory of on a new tangant. Let's hope someone takes notice.

And yes they are from Manchester..........where else.