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Monster Music Awards 2004
The Biggest Letdown Award
Clinic - Winchester Cathedral        The Thrills - Let's Bottle Bohemia        The Music - Welcome To The North    Keane - Hopes And Fears    Morissey - You Are The Quarry    Prodigy - Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned
The Music - Welcome To The North
Clinic - Winchester Cathedral
The Thrills - Lets Bottle Bohemia
The Music - Welcome To The North
Keane - Hopes and Fears
Morrissey - You Are The Quarry
Prodigy - Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned

After their debut album, I was really looking forward to the follow up from The Music. And it left me feeling rather gutted. More so than any other album this year. The first album was full of energy and was nicely loud. Nothing madly new on the scene but The Music were clearly a quality band breaking through and I listened to the first album a lot, as I still do. But only listening to Welcome To The North, I was left flat. What happened? No real steps forward, no real improvment and not the kind of album that makes you think "well they may not have moved on to the next stage but this is just as good as the first". It was like part two but the parts that were not good enough for the first album. The second album is of course always touted as the hardest album to write, if this is true then lets hope that it's out of their system and they will take it from here. But something tells me they are not quite ready to make that big breakthrough. Continued reports that they don't quite cut the mustard live tend to give the impression that maybe they need to really pull something out the bag next or run the risk of disappearing. And that would be a huge shame and I hope it doesn't happen.

Talking of what on earth went wrong, The Thrills. What happened there. Great first album, and one hell of a let down with this follow up. Again just more of the same with weaker tracks. Is it that deadly second album thing again? Where the first album left me thinking it was summer everyday I heard it, this one left me wondering what other albums I had to listen to. Far to bland after one hell of a great first album. Ok, I will cut to the chance, most of you having come to this page will be madly shocked to see Keane included. But you shouldn't be. Unless your all simply following the trend. Keane's album is enjoyable, it's nice to listen to. The problem was I heard all the hype before I heard the album. And that may have ruined it for me. I don't know. But when I finally got a copy and played it..."is that it?". It wasn't anywhere near this awesome album I had heard everyone talking about. Take away the singles and your left with a nice sounding album that never actually really has any right to be remebered at all in years to come. This album is standing out on hype and hype alone. Please don't get me wrong. This is never an album I would turn off, but it's never one I would rush to put on either. So far I have found myself playing the singles and well, getting bored of those too. This album will win loads of awards in the next few months. That in itself will be a crime. Clinic never actually promised me anything. To be fair to them, I did buy this off a HMV recommends stand having read the write up. Clinic promised me nothing at all. But I was going on the track record of having enjoyed every album I had brough this way in the past, and there have been loads. As a result I was well gutted on hearing this album. For those of you who enjoy scary church organ music, buy this, you will love it. OK, on one track fair enough....but enough already. I have played this 3 times to see if I am missing anything and to give it a chance. I won't be playing it again. Maybe the clue to all this was in the name of the album, but no one said anything to me about haunting organs in the write up. Morrissey finally came back this year. And on waiting for his big return I was excited. A big fan of The Smiths and his early solo stuff I wanted more of the same please. Until I got it. And realised I was bored of it. This again, isn't a bad album and had this album come out without any other solo albums, I would have loved it. But I kind of get the feeling Morrissey needs to move on a bit to survive if he has come back for good. His loyal fans have given him a hit with this album, will they do the same as me and get bored or will they stick with him. Whether I enjoyed it or not, great to have someone like this back with us. Just stop wearing white tuxedo's Mozza. Leaving us with The Prodigy. Yes I was totally let down by this new album, but having heard their last single (so bad I can't even remember the name of it, something to do with milk I think) I was kind of expecting it, ok more prepared myself for it. Had they done nothing since Fat Of The Land, this would have won by a mile. Always trying to break the rules and make ground breaking music, Liam Howlett has never let us down before. But was this one step too many, one he couldn't make, or is this just one of those albums he had to make to see it didn't quite work and thus move on to the next idea? He is of course forgiven on the back of the first three albums, but I do hope this is the end of this new wave and sound from The Prodigy. It did nothing for me and I was so hoping it would.