the last broadcast
There Goes The Fear
M62 Song
Where Were Calling From
Friday's Dust
Last Broadcast
The Sulphur Man
Caught By The River
First Impressions:
This is something very special

In a Nutshell:
No matter what comes out this year, this is THE album of the year. To follow up Lost Souls like this is awesome.

Stand Out Tracks:
Pounding, Caught by the river, Words, The Sulphur man.
Following up Lost Souls was never going to be easy. Usually when such an album is released you have to wait until two albums later to hear the band reach such heights again. The pressure of trying to follow up a hugely sucessful album causes the band to try and go the opposite way to prove they are about more than just one album. This usually results in an ok album but one that ends in the band being critisied.
Doves on the other hand simply brought out a better one. The Last Broadcast is bigger and better than Lost Souls and should earn them Best Album everywhere next year. 
When you have waited for an album with great excitment for ages you end up first putting it on praying that it will not let you down. The second you hear the opening cords of Words you can sit back relax and know you are about to hear one of the best albums of the past ten years. This is quite simply perfect. As with Lost Souls there is not one bad track on here and it offers a collection of different sounding tracks. The quiet of M62 Song is followed by the Instrumental of Where were calling from which just throws you into the loud N.Y. Which is the story of the album. As soon as you think you are settled into how this album is going to sound it takes you somewhere else.
With most albums you end up playing them and listening to maybe your favourite 5-6 songs, but you just can't do that with Last Broadcast because you just end up playing them all. Friday's Dust is one of their softer tracks and it sits right in the middle of Satellites and Pounding. Two tracks which should be massive singles. But when I listen to the album I kind of end up feeling that I don't want them to release any more tracks. Leaving the whole album untouched by the commercial charts. There goes the fear has been released already and should have been number one, but I would prefer them not to get mixed up with having tracks as excellent as the ones on this album having to rub shoulders with the likes of A1 and teenage Nu Metal rubbish.
But of course this is the real world and money has to be made, and there is always an upside to that. We get to hear decent music on the Radio now and then.
This is a must buy album and if you don't like it I'LL give you your money back.