With our costumes stolen, we decided to put a spin on the story and released this Press Release.
Due to The Gilded Balloon not wanting us to mention that the costumes were stolen from the venue, in fear it would start a "free for all" we had to change the story. That really was as helpful as they got over the whole matter.
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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2003
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Costume Crisis for Vicars

Early Monday evening, whilst having a post show drink, Andy Williams and Nick Hodder, first timers at the fringe, suffered some kind of divine intervention.

Perhaps they upset the Big Guy with the slightly dubious "business opportunity" they call The Jesus Principle? One things for sure they must have certainly upset someone.

They had Packed up their show and taken all their gear with them to a bar beside their venue, The Gilded Balloon. Amoungst their possessions were a state of the art video projection system. laptop and mobile phones. The equipment was stashed safely on a seat to the side of them.

When they got up to leave, they realised something was missing. They hastily searched the venue, but could not find them anywhere. What was taken? Not the exspensive electronic equipment - but the vicar costumes! A rather dapper suit with Mandarin collar for Andy, and Nick vintage (dodgy 80's) green jacket.

The crime was reported to the local constabulary but as yet, neither the saboteurs or the costumes have been located. Due to the nature of the show and video pieces involved it is essential that the characters wear those specific costumes, without them the show is ruined. Tuesday's performance was cancelled whilest the pair tried to find replacement outfits. One of the characters, The Reverend Dave Swallowfield-Bypass says

"We know that whoever has done this to us was seen by God, and he will see to it that they pay. If the thief brings the costumes back unscathed within the next 48hrs no more shall be said, however we will pray for them and see if we can get the Big Guy to forgive them".

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to contact The Gilded Balloon or telephone the police immediately. There will be a generous reward!

THE JESUS PRINCIPLE is performed daily at 3pm at the Gilded Balloon Teviot.