On www.edfringe.com, Fringe goer's had the chance to leave comments about any shows they had seen and rate them themselves.
We ended up with these three on our page. We honestly have no idea who any of these people are, but it does go to show just how differently people view shows they go to see as Kevin and Clare's two reviews both show, both went on the same day, both have totally different views on it.
Although on the whole about 85% of the feed back we got from people who had seen it, loved it, the ones who didn't, really tended to slate it rather than just dislike it.
Flashes of comic genius - Hairline Website

Swindon Jokes - Three Weeks

This satire on the rebranding of Religion as delivered by the would-be trendy Rev David Swallowfield-Bypass and the actually quite cool Rick McVicker has a lot of potential. - The Scotsman

Innovative, really quite good - Forth One FM

Blasphemous - Greg Proops

Sorry I've things to do - The Busiest Tramp in Edinburgh

Laugh out loud funny - God
Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2003
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