This is the first review we recieved at The Fringe. This one is by Three Weeks. A paper/website written simply to cover The Fringe.
The Reviewer to be fair saw the show on the opening date, 1st August when the show was no better than a "One Star". But I think it's fair to say his reporting is worthy of a "No Star" rating.

Dave's "lame" rap doesn't even have that quoted line in it.
It's Dave and RICK on stage not Dave and Rich.
It's not a Pyramid Scheme, it's a cross scheme. (something Dave more than explains on stage)
"Replete with Swindon Jokes..." The place was mentioned once and now doesn't even feature. It wasn't even in a joke to start with.
"Poor imitation of pathertic comic characters like Roy Mallard and David Brent".
I have to say being compared to Dave Brent isn't bad at all is it. But who the hell is Roy Mallard?
Needless to say, neither Dave or Rick are based on either character.

We are not above One Star reviews, and if someone thinks it's crap, fine. But what the hell was this attack really all about?
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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2003
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