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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2003
Ginge's Fringe Diary  -  Week Two
August 6th
So costumes nicked, sound problems, heavy colds, reviewers in on the first day..............Rather a mixed start for us.
After having to cancel yesterdays show due to no costumes, we were still left not knowing what was going on. The Venue hadn't really got back to us with any news about what they were going to do for us and we were still left without costumes.
We were left with no real option, we were going to have to do the performance in our Jesus Principle T-Shirts.
We decided to mention right at the start of the show why we were dressed like that and we also thought it would be good to include a mention of the thiefs during the conversion part of the show.
It all went well, determined to get the show back on track we got through it, enjoyed it and it was again better.
We came off stage feeling like we had put one over the wankers who nicked our stuff.
We came back out on stage at the end and again said sorry for dressed down state, which brough another laugh. It was only when I thought about this after that I realised, they thought it was all part of the show. It went down well so no damage was done, but it was also very annoying. We later found out as well that a Perrier Judge had been in the crowd. It had been a good show, a nice big crowd so we were quite happy with that.

August 7th
It was a morning of shopping for us. The Venue had still not got back to us as to where we stood in view of getting our stuff back. The police were now involved but we had no answers coming back our way. So not wanting to wait any longer, we had to go shopping for replacement clothes.
I was able to find the exact same suit and sunglasses, Nick on the other hand had a much harder task. He had been wearing a rather old 80's style wool jacket. Finding a replacement for this was going to be one hell of a task. We spent a few hours looking round all the big stores and not really finding anything close. IT was time for our last real chance, the charity shops. Suddenly there were loads of the things. In the end Nick went for the best fitting one, they had all been on the large side, so it was going to have to be a case of the smallest one around. Thankfully it wasn't stupidly big and show could go back to normal.
Another show, and another improvement.
Fingers crossed we were hoping nothing else could possibly go wrong and our luck was now on the change.

August 8th
A nice normal day for a change. The show goes well again, a nice crowd in and everything is starting to feel good.
We also decide on a press release  centreed around us having our costumes nicked (which you can see in the news selction back at the main Jesus Principle page). With the venue keen for us not to mention that we had the stuff nicked actually at the venue, they asked if we would change the story slightly. Not really too happy about this, but at the same time not really wanting to cause any problems between us and the venue, we changed the story to someone nicking the stuff while we were in a pub. We contact a few papers and give them our press release. The story appears a few days later. Anagin not really the way we wanted to become known, but sod it. Something good had to come out of it all.

August 9th
More reviewers and a big weekend of visitors.
We get a good big crowd, biggest so far and everything with the show goes really well. Our best one yet. We come off pleased with ourselves. Finally feeling like we are on a roll.
It's good to have so many people up friends and family for the weekend (Nick's parents and my mum staying the whole week). Rob and Young Furterz arrive complete with some fantastic Jesus Principle T-Shirts. Not available in the shop I'm afraid.
So it's a night out on the beer, Late n Live sold out we opt for the more caberet version The Spinning Wheel, and it's our first chance to see Flight of the Conchords. Genius. It all results in a very late night.

August 10th
After what had been a few days grace, today we were hit by bad luck yet again. Having finally got ourselves in a groove we were hit again. This time while setting up our projector broke. This was a massive problem, obviously no projector, no show at all. There was no getting round this one. The show needs the film.
We had two options, cancel the show and try and get the projector working or "borrow" someone elses. Of course there was no one around who we could ask, everyone else using a projector wasn't on stage until evening so they were not around yet. We had no choice.....borrow it. So we did.
There was also the added bonus of it being a better one. We now somehow had a better projection on a bigger screen. So maybe it wasn't all that bad after all. Of course we still didn't know if it would be ok to use it for the rest of the month or not. Fingers crossed.
The late running show goes well. Another big audience.
That has to be the end of our bad luck surly?
A night of Late n Live with everyone before they all have to leave the next morning and another late night. It's also the night we see Vegas die on stage. How that man has managed to get work after that I will never know.

August 11th
Nope. Another day, another problem. Only this time it was a problem we were not going to find out about until it was too late. A few days back we had brough a new amp and set of speakers to improve the sound. Not only did it fix the sound issues it brought back some of the effects we had lost. Only this time it was to let us down big time.
All was going well, the show was running smoothly, and then it was time for our first Doucmenty. Now during this part, Nick and I leave the stage. Up came the pictures........and no sound followed. Your fucking joking. Enough is enough, when are we going to get a break? So the audience are left looking at an empty stage, some film and no sound. Time to think quick.........."So then err Dave, what would you be explaining here had we got sound".
We had to try and talk the film through. Rather used to problems on stage by now, we managed to cover well and made it look like we knew what we were doing. The next bit of film....sound. Thank god.
The audience get won over and we are on top again..............and then we have the live link up with Jesus. No sound. It get's to the stage when you just want to hurry through the show and get off stage asap. Another bit of film and no sound.
We get to the end of the show. We come out at the end and explain that we had sound problems and that we were very sorry it ruined the show.
It's only when speaking to our parents later that day that we realise they think it's all part of the show. We had covered too well.
Speaking to someone the day after as well while trying to flyer him, he says the same thing. Too annoying for words, they think they have seen the show for what it is, and they haven't.

August 12th
Was The Jesus Principle THE unluckest show at The Fringe.
We thought so, and we thought it was time we told the whole story. So we went to the EdFinge Press office and told them our story. In total disbelief they took down our story. At first they thought we were making it all up, and everytime they thought we were finished they had to turn the page of their notepad and take down some more.
Our photo was taken and we were told that a stpry would appear on their website (which it did and you can see in the "news" part of the main Jesus Principle page). They had never heard of anything like what we had been through. Something good had to come out of all this bad luck and if their was a story in it, it was more exposure.
Back on stage it was yet another case of wanting to put on a good show and get over the last few problems.
We did and there was nothing to report back.
The mornings had now fallen into the only routine we seemed to be able to create. Flyering around the Royal Mile.
It had become noted that talking to the people rather than just giving them a flyer was getting them into the shows. Acting up to the crowd and going into character was getting people laughing and wanting to come along to see what the show was about.
At least somethingw as going right.

August 13th
Bliss, a nice normal day.
Flyering down The Royal Mile in the morning and performing the show in the afternoon.
Taking in shows in the evening. This is how it was supposed to be.
Not even the fact that it was the 3th was bringing bad luck today.
Another good crowd in to see the show. Dispite some rather nasty reviews  at the start of The Fringe, the general feedback from people who have seen the show is that they really enjoy it. We knew we had brought up a show that was a bit different and people are enjoying seeing it. And there really is no better feeling than hearing someone really wet themselves while they are watching.
Our tactic of talking to people in the main box office queue in the morning is more than paying off, and going figures we are starting to out sell shows that really should be hammering us.

August 14th
Would you believe it, two days and no problems. God loves us after all.
The parents get to see the show again and get to see it how it should be done. 
After another good day of flyering and performing we spend the evening in Berwick with our parents for a nice relaxing meal and a walk around the seaside town. Good to get out of Edinburgh for one night.
I think we are getting the hang of all this.
Over half way through and the show is looking good now. The performances on stage between Dave and Rick are getting better and better every day. Starting to really bounce of each other. More and more insults get added every day which is adding to it all the time.