terry hall    home
Forever J
I drew a lemon
Moon on your dress
No no no
What's wrong with me
Grief disguised as joy
First attack of love
I don't got you
There is no better album that that of the one of an artist that has waited ages to make it. Home by Terry Hall is one of these albums, and you can hear it. Having worked with Dave A Stewart and The Lightning Seeds during the early 90's, Hall finally went solo. It is possible that maybe this album should never have been made, had the music world not ignored the excellence of Dave A Stewart & Hall's group Vegas. Had it have been better recieved then it is possible that the two would have carried on the venture a bit longer. But as Vegas somehow went un-noticed Hall took this oppitunaty to make his long awaited solo album.  

Having spent so much of his time writing for The Lightning Seed's it was perhaps unfortunate that Hall's record company decided that the release date for Home would be the same as The Seed's Jollification album. The Seed's at the time one of the big groups around taking the attention away from Hall's own album. Maybe this went a bit of the way as to why this album is so largely unknown. The song's Hall had written for The Seeds now doing him out of solo recognition.

The first single off of the album "Forever J", a song about his then wife, should have been a huge hit. But without the airtime
the single charted but largely went un-noticed.
Hall also released "Sense" as a single. A track he had co-written with Ian Brouide from The Seeds, and that they had released in 1992. Amazingly it never charted dispite it being a catchy pop record.
The album as a whole was recieving good reviews, most commenting on the vocal performance of Hall. Did they not notice it on the Vegas album? Plans for a single release for the albums stand out track "No no no" never seemed to happen. And that was it before Hall started work on his next project. Somehow leaving this album totally un-noticed. Not through the want of trying on Hall's part.
Home is one of Terry Halls greatest moments. Having made some groundbreaking stuff with The Specials, Fun Boy Three & The Colourfields, the sound of the album makes you think that maybe this was the one he wanted to make. Finally alone to make the record he wanted to. Maybe I'm wrong. The album is a great collection of fantastic songs, and some of the best vocals on any album by a solo artist. Listening to it now, maybe it was just a bit before it's time. The mood of the album can be compared to that of a Travis album. And maybe in a time when Brit Pop was ruling the airwaves, this album never got the chance to shine. There are some real classic songs on here, "No no no", "Sense", "I don't got you" and "Moon on your dress". As I have said the vocals add that special something to the sound of the album. It's one of those album that does not quite fit into the popular music catagory. It's one of those that stands out on it's own. A one off.
The follow up album "Laugh" had more airplay and recognition, possibly because the world missed Home. But this is the one that should be talked about.
I can't imagine anyone not getting something out of this album. Terry Hall is one of our finest singer/songwriters, and this is one of the finest solo albums recorded. Of course this is all just my opinion, but I don't think I am wrong this time.
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