The hindu times
Force of nature
Hung in a bad place
Stop crying your heart out
Little by little
A quick peep
(proberly) all in the mind
She is love
Born on a different cloud
Better man
First Impression:
Where are all the anthems?

In a Nutshell:
This is not the album I was expecting. It's not a bad one, but no matter what Noel G says this is nowhere near up to the standard of Definatly Maybe.
I really hate to say but it's a tame effort.

Stand out Tracks:
Songbird, Little by little, Stop crying your heart out, She is love.
For ages now I have been trying to get people to listen to Oasis the way I feel they are meant to be heard. Ever since Morning Glory people seem to have been expecting far to much from this band. Oasis are nothing more than the best Rock and Roll band on the planet. That is what they do, and they are good at it. But they are nothing more than that. Oasis are not someone like Radiohead, and they won't suddenly change direction.  You will never find a sudden experimental album from Oasis, and so we shouldn't. It's true that with each album Oasis do bring us a more grown up sound and collection of songs, but you still get all the anthems and big summer tracks that you want them to give you, and that is why we love them and why they are the world's best.
But something has gone wrong. After hearing the two singles taken from this album I was counting down the days until I could finally get my hands on Heathen Chemistry. We were told that this was a big return to form (a form I never really thought they had lost, Be Here Now is a very under-rated album and Standing on the Shoulder of Giants is a great album), a return to the raw sound of Definatly Maybe. And after hearing The Hindu Times and ......Crying your heart out, it looked like they were right.
But for the first time this was an Oasis album that did not make me want to listen to it straight away after the first listen. Usually I would want to repeat a good 6 tracks that had instanly stood out and had got stuck in my head.
But all I had in my head were the two singles. This was not up to the usual Oasis standard, no matter what I had read in other reviews leading up to it's release. Something was missing. Of course there are still good tracks on here that other artists would kill for, but the feel of the band was just not there. As a result I felt this was just an ok album. Have I finally joined everyone else in expecting to much and therefore I'm not hearing this record? I have given it a lot of listens and still it's not happening. Other than the two singles we do have Songbird which is a great track, as is Little by Little which almost takes you back to the Oasis of old, the one you want to hear. Hung in a bad Place also teases you into thinking that your enjoying something special. The highlight is the totally perfect Stop Crying Your Heart Out which just leaves you wondering why the rest of the album is not more like it.
Maybe something has been lost in Noel making the rest of the group tow the line more by letting them  write some of the songs and contribute more? The sound of the album has also been reported as down to the fact that this is the first one that has been written with Noel totally clean, but so was Standing on the Should of Giants, and that was a great album.
Maybe the loss of Bonehead and Giggsy is bigger than we thought? Whatever it is something has gone, maybe this is just a blip? After all everyone is allowed a bad day at the office, and maybe this album just takes time to get under your skin?
It's a good rock album, it's just not Oasis, and I'm disappointed because that is what stood them apart from all the other bands around at the moment.

Fingers crossed Noel will do all the work on the next one.