David Bowie
Slip Away
Slow Burn
I've Been Waiting For You
I Would Be Your Slave
I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship
5.15 The Angels Have Gone
Everyone Says "Hi"
A Better Future
First Impression:
Perfect Bowie, put straight back on.
In a Nutshell:
He may have been around forever, but when it comes to fresh new idea's Bowie constantly leads the way where the youngsters have no idea.

Stand out Tracks:
Slow Burn, Everyone Says Hi, Heathen, Afraid.
I honestly can't imagine anyone not liking David Bowie. What other artist can still say after being around for over 30 years say that they still set the trend in the music business.
Everyone seemed to miss his last album "Hours" and it was a shame because it was one of the best albums of that year and should have won him best male artist at pretty much every music award.
Heathen is from the first listen the album all the so called leaders in music should have been making, and you have wanted them to make. It's individual and inventive but with that Bowie sound that makes him stand out above everyone else. 
This is his 25th studio album, and it's as fresh and original as his first one sounded at it's time of release. Heathen doesn't break many rules but it does invent some. Never afraid to experiment, Bowie's albums always seem to move on from the last, and Heathen is no exception. Unlike what you would expect the album starts with the moody Sunday which kind of fools you as to what the rest of the album is all about. But it's not long before Cactus tells you what you are really in for.
This album is kind of a back to basic's and there are moments of Bowie of old without you feeling like you are listening to old material.
Heathen just simply shows that Bowie is the master and the one that everyone else is still trying to catch, but you get the feeling they never will. I instantly wanted to listen to it again and again after the first listen. It's all made to sound so simple yet you know that no one else could ever make an album like it. Heathen I doubt will get any air time or any awards simply because Radio stations don't play his stuff anymore, and that will put a lot of people off. Giving the impression that this is just another album from an over the hill artist. Don't even go there. Bowie is light years ahead of everyone and this album is one of the best of the year.