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Hi Grant here and welcome to my Showbiz World. Here you can find all the gossip from the showbiz world. If it is happening I am there. My finger is on the pulse just to bring you the facts, and inside stories the famous would rather you didn't know about.
Read my Diary for all the secrets of all your best loved stars, enjoy some of the interviews I did in The Big Tackle and their is a Football Focus Special to enjoy that I was invited to take part in.
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The ShowBiz Diary
The Showbiz Diary brings you all the stories the press dared not print. And all the info the stars never wanted to be made public. There are a few secrets in here, and a few skeletons brought out of the cupboard as well. It was The Diary that started me on the road to media fame, so see how it all started, as well as finding out some interesting facts along the way.
The Big Tackle
After the success of my Diary, I was asked if I would be interested in interviewing a few showbiz stars. Of course I jumped at the chance. For some reason they pulled the plug on it all after just two, but rumour has it that there may be more in the future.
Still enjoy these two interviews as I get close and personal in The Big Tackle.
Jennifer Ellison
Football Focus Special
May 2001 and my team The White Hart reach their first ever cup final in The Basingstoke Junior Cup. Well the game brought loads of media attention, and the BBC asked me along the day of the final to take part in a Football Focus Cup Final Special. Well it would have been rude to say no...........
Football Focus
I plan to be back with more from my world of showbiz soon so keep an eye out.
In the mean time feel free to mail me, I read all of them, and if I find any gossip worth passing off as my own I will, hey all fair in love and Tinsel Town.