Here you will find my favourite pictures that I have found on the net or been sent, and the sound clips that well I mainly play to amuse both me and Furterz when we can't be arsed to work. If none of these sound clips or video clips work, just right click on the links and save to your PC. Also lower down on this page you can now download yourself a Ginge.Com Wallpaper for your PC. What do you mean you don't want one.......I insist. And you will bloody well like it as well.
A genuine BT call to a Customer
Hello Dave
Wanna buy some Pegs Dave?
Your my wife now
Buger's Beltch
Surrounded by Assholes
Shaggy doing some shopping
Borat gives his views on animal rights
Arnie rings up for an Escort
Arnie rings some drunk bloke
One Swedish Penis Enlarger for Austin
Jim I wanna talk about.....
I can't hold it......
Look at the expression on her face
The Chicks a MILF
I want chicken I want Liver
Anne Frank's Diary
Beef Loving
Maybe he should have made a sandcastle ?
Big Dog warning
When IVF goes to far
Peg Head
Cartman shares his feelings
Our pet's heads are falling off
I desperatly wanna.........
Punch's reminder
Ethel's dilemma
Rodney Marsh's secret
My broken nose
Fat tongued ****
Al Pachino calls bloke who cost him $6000
Korean Police get ready for The World Cup