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Last Updated 26/07/06  ***The Ginge has finally given in to public demand and has taken to the stage with his own Stand Up routine***
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No really it is this time...

What's up with you people, you think I have been sitting on my hands all this time. Ask any man, that method doesn't work, you can never grip properly so you only end up waiting for your hands to come back to life anyway. Waste of time.

No, listen, the new look TheGinge.Com is finally on the way. I have decided on a look and design and I AM STICKING TO IT THIS TIME. No more messing around this time, changing my mind every other day.

But as I say, it's been a very, very busy few months...picking up awards for best comedy, you know how it is, plus myself and Nick have now entered the world of Stand Up comedy.
So when have I had the chance to update the site you all know and love???
I've been too busy cacking it on stage!!!

So far our Stand Up travels have taken us to Eastbourne, London and Slough with more slots on the way. So far it's been a kind start and a very enjoyable one too, well once we've got off stage and can have a few drinks.
Big announcement just around the corner. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!
And I can't leave this quick update without the biggest I TOLD YOU SO about Sven. Remember "Becoming Welsh" back in should have all listened back then when I told you all about Sven. How could anyone not listen to me ???

The Apprentice's Apprentice - The second candidate is fired
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El Furterz Leaves Basingstoke.


Yes… it is true. After 23 years as a Basingstoker, Young Furterz, Apprentice to The Ginge is packing up and leaving the land of Basingstoke for pastures new. Although moving away from the teachings of The Ginge, I will still be updating FT as regularly as I can in a bid to finally get my own page like Scissors.
Vote for Furterz….. just have a think about that.
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