Moments in History
The Beat With Backing Vocals
Come On Then
Yo Bro
Decade Of Destruction
To Sad To Speak
You Can't Make Me Cry (that hurts)
Beats Go Boom
Face The Facts
All Spent
Change Your Mind
First Impression:
So good to have them back.

In a Nutshell:
This is how Dance Music used to sound and now maybe all the wannabe's will listen and hear how it should be made

Stand Out Tracks:
Come On Then, You Can't Make Me Cry & Face The Facts.
I kind of made a rule with myself when I started doing these sort of reviews that singles albums or greatest hits albums would not feature, but I think this has to be the exception to the rule.

10 years is a long time in music, yet when we think back to the records of ten years ago we always end up in disbelief that it really was that long ago. Well the second I heard these tunes I instantly asked the
same question. Has it really been 10 years since DCA last recorded anything? These are the only times music can make you feel older than you want to be. Moments in History is the much promised singles collection of DCA, one of the big dance bands of the early 90's. Like all good dance bands of that time, not many people have heard of the name, but have all heard the tracks and blown their whistles to them. Usually we only find out who it was we were dancing to when we go out and buy those Old Skool albums and we can finally check the track listing at the back. Well one way to save yourself buying one of those albums is to simply invest in this one.
If the dance scene was your thing in 1991 then within 30 seconds of putting this album on you will be smiling from ear to ear as memories of all night raves and sweaty warehouses come flooding back. It's hard to review the music as it's just simply great dance music as it used to be before everything was sold out and lost forever.
DCA were able to bring us the full range during their time together, drum and bass, rap, hardcore, everything you needed for a night out in your white gloves. There is talk of the band getting together again, and indeed there is a brand new track on this album called "Change Your Mind". Whether of course any of that happens we will have to wait and see. It's questionable as to if they would fit back into a scene that has since moved on to an area they possibly would want to be part of. But for now, if you love to take a step back into time and love Old Skool dance music, you have to buy this album.
It really is rightly called Moments in History.

I wanna see your hands in the air, Blow your whistles.