Bing Bong (3 single EP)
Moments in History
Hitting Where it Hurts
Moments in History

The Beat With Backing Vocals
Come On Them
Yo Bro
Decade of Destruction
To Sad to Speak
You Can't Make Me Cry (That Hurts)
Beats Go Boom
Face The Facts
All Spent
Change Your MInd
Maybe now the world will sit up and listen.
10 years ago saw the end of a band I felt were the best thing to hit the dance scene in years, but I was alone it seems in my thoughts.

DCA were here to save Dance Music, but no one was listening. Yet I think it is safe to say that although no one will admit it, the sound of Dance Music ever since has something of DCA in it.

Up against it from the start, The Band were fighting what turned out to be a losing battle. For some reason EMI didn't want anything to do with them, radio stations never played any of their music and the music press hated them with a passion.

But why was there so much hate?
We will never know, unless one day the whole story is told, yet now we see EMI are more than happy to try and cash in on the band 10 years after they showed them the door, with this collection of singles the band released between 1990 and 1993.
Whether we will ever get to see the band perform again is also unknown with the whereabouts of Man Of Stress not known. EMI it is rumoured, have said they will fund a come back tour if the third member can be found. We can only prey he is.
The world was starved of DCA at the start, we should all make sure the same mistake is not made again.

You only have to listen to this collection of singles to hear that you have been missing out. I challange anyone to listen to classics like Come On Them, Face The Facts and Decade of Destrution and tell me this band shouldn't have been bigger.

Moments in History also includes the new single Change your Mind, almost a first of it's kind, with Man of Stress' voice added by computer. A change from their normal sound, DCA are yet again keeping up with the times and showing the way.
Is this the comeback I have been waiting for?

For years I have sat down with friends and discussed music and bands who have changed to the face of it's industry, now they have the chance to listen.
I hope that along with this Singles collection all the albums will be rereleased as well so we can all again enjoy the magic of this band.

EMI may have tried to kill DCA, but they will surly now live on.

The reviewer wishes his name to remain private