One on One with The Ginge for Mixmag

MM: Three years with DCA, a failed attempt at a solo career, a bit part in The Bill as "mugger two", a move to Thiland, fame and fortune on the cabaret scene, the biggest selling male solo artist in the country, fans everywhere, and now part of the DCA comeback. It's been one hell of a ride.
Ginge: What?
MM: Well it's been quite a journey these past ten odd years?
Ginge: I have never been to Thiland.
MM: Are you sure?
Ginge: Very.
MM: Oh sorry I am reading from the wrong notes, lets start again. Three years with DCA, a failed solo career, a bit part in Pat Sharp's FunHouse, years on the dole, part of the famous Welsh Farmers scandel, and now part of the DCA comeback, it's err been one hell of a journey ?????
Ginge: That's better, yeah it has.
MM: So do you see this as your second chance?
Ginge: No I see this as the publics second chance to be honest.
MM: How do you mean?
Ginge: Well they didn't get it the first time round.
MM: What?
Ginge: The message.
MM: Which was?
Ginge: A better way of living.
MM: In what way?
Ginge: Well buying our records.
MM: And how would that give them a better life?
Ginge: Well you have heard the album, can't you tell.
MM: Like I say how would that give them a better life?
Ginge: Because I like to think that this singles collection is like a modern day bible.
MM: You've lost me.
Ginge: Well all our singles were about trying to show how we could have a more peaceful world, so when you hear them all put together like this it's kind of one big rule of life.
MM: Isn't Come On Them about Man of Stress getting caught for not clearing up after his dog in a park?
Ginge: Yeah.
MM: Well how does that fit in to what you have just said.
Ginge: Well if I have to explain it, it ruins the message doesn't it. It's like having to explain a joke.
MM: Right. Well ok, So tell us about the what it was like to get back with the band then after all this time.
Ginge: It was strange, after being apart for ten years people's views on life change and so it was odd seeing if we all still agreed on certain issues and if it would reflect how our music would sound on the new single.
MM: Interesting, and what were the results.
Ginge: No idea, once I had written the song, I left them to it and went down the pub.
MM: Oh, well err does the song differ from something you would have written ten years ago?
Ginge: Same message different words.
MM: Go on....
Ginge: Well that's it really.
MM: Well is it a song you would or could have written ten years ago?
Ginge: Not really.
MM: Why is that.
Ginge: Cause I only had the idea for it the other week.
MM: (sigh) Ok, there is talk of the band going on tour, any news on that.
Ginge: Not at the moment, the record company don't really want us too after the trouble they say we caused everytime we went on tour before.
MM: Yes there were a few incidents.
Ginge: But we are all grown up now, and I honestly couldn't see us getting into the same trouble can you.
MM: Would be a bit sad these days, but no I suppose not.
Ginge: Appearing on the front pages because of this and that at our age, how embarrassing would that be.
MM: So you have learnt from your past them?
Ginge: Yeah, pay the hookers double and tell them to keep their mouths shut.
MM: I see.
Ginge: All that kiss and tell rubbish.
MM: Not really what I meant.
Ginge: No you have to be careful, the first sniff of an exclusive story and they are straight off to the papers sell their stories and flashing their tits in the papers. and I sure as hell don't make a noise like a Seal.
MM: I think we should move on. It's been well documented that as a band you feel that your music was very over looked and ignored. Of all the albums you released which one best sums up how you would want people to hear the band?
Ginge: Good Question.
MM: I know.
Ginge: Yeah alright, it wasn't that good.
MM: So?
Ginge: Well it has to be the new one doesn't it.
MM: Why is that then?
Ginge: Because it has all the singles on it of course.
MM: Yeah but what about one of your studio albums? Don't any of them have a sound of that time that you would like to be remembered for rather than just an album full of singles?
Ginge: No cause they are the singles. Do you see.
MM: I know but isn't there an album you made that as an album sounds great and was the band at the hight of their talent?
Ginge: Yeah the new one.
MM: No I don't think you are quite getting what I am asking.
Ginge: No I think it's you not getting my answer.
MM: But a bunch of singles can't really have the same feel as an album from a moment in time can it.
Ginge: Yes it can.
MM: No it can't, a singles album is based over years and different times and sounds that the band might come out with.
Ginge: No it doesn't.
MM: It does.
Ginge: Do you not see, the singles album says it all, the studio albums were just albums.
MM: OK then what does this new album say then.
Ginge: Err well that these are our singles.
MM: And?
Ginge: ...and that they are great please buy it ????
MM: Christ, you don't actually have any idea do you.
Ginge: Maybe it's just you don't know what your asking.
MM: Of course I do.
Ginge: Doesn't sound like it to me.
MM: Really.
Ginge: Well yeah, don't exactly go with my answers do they.
Ginge: What your asking me, it doesn't really go with what I am saying.
MM: Well you will be pleased to know I have no more questions or patients so that is the end of the interview.
Ginge: Oh Right, well err thanks? Do we do any photo's now to go with it?
Ginge: Oh well your choice.
MM: Yes it is.
Ginge: Geezer, it's been a pleasure. You've been great. Laters.
MM: Err Yeah Bye.