One on One with Dazzie B for Mixmag

MM: Well it feels like a long few months, but everything seems to be sorted at last. The single is recorded, the album is out, how does it feel to be back in the swing of things?
Dazzie: I can't answer that.
MM: Really? Why not?
Dazzie: Well the others are possibly going to end up reading this.
MM: Well they might not.
Dazzie: Yeah but what if they do?
MM: Do you have something nasty to say about the other two then?
Dazzie: It's been a very long couple of months, let's put it that way.
MM: In what way?
Dazzie: Very, very hard work.
MM: In getting the album and single done?
Dazzie: Totally. It's all very well for the other two, sure Ginge wrote the song but other than putting down their vocals, they have been down the bloody pub the rest of the time.
MM: What have you been doing then?
Dazzie: Well producing it mixing it, that is on top of remastering all the tracks for the new album.
MM: So your not best impressed with the other two at the moment then?
Dazzie: No I'm not.
MM: So are you pleased with the results of the remastering of the album.
Dazzie: Very, you should be able to hear the improvments.
MM: IN what way, is it more crisper and clearer?
Dazzie: Nope, better than that. I managed to erase any trace of Man Of Stress' vocals from all the tracks.
MM: He's not going to be too happy about that.
Dazzie: Tough. He doesn't have a clue anyway and I doubt he will even notice, even when we take this on tour and he has no lines to sing.
MM: Have you never been a fan of his singing talents then?
Dazzie: Well it more to do with the fact that he ripped off the band while he was in Thiland.
MM: In what way?
Dazzie: Well I have been told that his successful career in Thiland was down to him singing DCA tracks he was making out were his own.
MM: And I take it he didn't tell you and Ginge.
Dazzie: Sure didn't, in fact can you do me a favour?
MM: Ah sure, what?
Dazzie: Can you give him this letter saying me and Ginge are going to sue him for using our songs without paying us royalties.
MM: Err yeah sure.
Dazzie: That will teach him to tuck us up. Nice.
MM: Are you sure this is a wise idea with the band only just getting back together?
Dazzie: Just what we need a good press story to get us back in the limelight.
MM: Well to be fair you were never what you call in the limelight were you.
Dazzie: My music was ground breaking, I've produced all over the shop.
MM: Yeah but never in the forfront of music.
Dazzie: Well you go ask the DJ's of today if they would be playing some of the stuff they do today if it hadn't been for me.
MM: Like what?
Dazzie: What do you mean like what. Where do you think Altern 8 got all their Basslines from. Mickey Finn was always ripping off our tunes as well. We even had an on going feud with Krome and Time after they released "This sound is for the Underground"
MM: Why?
Dazzie: You do know the track?
MM: Very well.
Dazzie: Well can't you hear The Beat With Backing Vocals ?????
MM: No.
Dazzie: You taking the piss, it's a massive rip off. It was only because we were small time then that we couldn't afford to drag them through the courts. In fact it got to the stage where I would play our tune at a club and everyone thought we were ripping Krome and Time off.
MM: What is this thing you have with taking people to court?
Dazzie: Nothing.
MM: Well you seem to want to do it rather a lot.
Dazzie: And I am going to continue to do it until I appear on one of those chalk drawings on the News.
MM: Why?
Dazzie: Just always been one of my dreams that.
MM: I see, well let's get back to the music. How do you come up for a tune. Do you fit the lyrics round a tune you have thought up or do you wait for the lyrics and work round those?
Dazzie: There is no real set way we do it.
MM: What is the usual way then?
Dazzie: Usually I hit the demo button on the keyboard and if we can think of any lyrics to go with whatever comes out we just go with that.
MM: Very good, but what do you actually do?
Dazzie: That is what we actually do. The only problem is if no one can remember what the demo tune sounded like.
MM: Oh right.
Dazzie: There is no point spending weeks and weeks jamming away and coming up with nothing if it just takes the press of a button.
MM: I guess not. But how can you claim that it's your music if it's just some tune off the keyboard?
Dazzie: Cause it's me pressing the button. Do you see?
MM: But it's a pre programmed tune just to show off the features of the keyboard.
Dazzie: But I am the one who presses the button.
MM: I know but............
Dazzie: But nothing, I press the button, Yeah? See?
MM: But your not writing the music.
Dazzie: No I'm pressing the button. Do you not see?
MM: Right, Ok, So there is talk of DCA going on tour, has anything been confirmed?
Dazzie: Not yet, we are still waiting for the record company to get back to us.
MM: What is the hold up?
Dazzie: Finding a road crew who are willing to tour with us.
MM: Why does no one want to work with you?
Dazzie: What after the last tour no way.
MM: I see, so what are you going to do then?
Dazzie: Do it ourselves.
MM: Are you sure, do you know the amount of work that goes into a gig, and there are only three of you.
Dazzie: It's ok, we are going to send Chris on a few courses so he is qualified at everything and then he can do it all while me and Ginge sound check.
MM: Chris will be knackered.
Dazzie: Well that's the life of a roadie.
MM: But he is one of the Band Members.
Dazzie: Same thing as far as he will be concerned.
MM: I just hope you know what your doing.
Dazzie: NO, let's hope he knows what he is doing, or there will be trouble.
MM: Yeah, right, well thanks for speaking to us, and fingers crossed for a successful comeback.
Dazzie: The pleasure was all yours.
MM: ......... Err Quite.