Interview for NME Website.

NME: DCA are finally back in the studio and their long awaited album Moments in History is out in the new year. We have all three members here to answer your questions as well as mine. All week readers of the site have been posting some questions they would like answered.
But let's cut to the chase here, why the comeback?
Dazzie B: Money,
Ginge: Yeah Money
NME: Is that the only reason?
Dazzie: Yeah.
NME: Nothing to do with wanting to make music together as a band again then?
Dazzie: Not really
Ginge: You see we were both a bit down on our luck and there have always been rumours about us getting back together so we decided it was time to act on it and cash in while we could.
Dazzie: It's an easy buck isn't it. The new album is a greatest hits album so the material is all there written, all we have to do is come up with a new single to release and add to the album.
NME: Right, I see, but don't you think that getting back together simply for the money is ripping the fans off a bit.
Dazzie: No chance at the end of the day they get the album they have been calling for and we get the money.
Ginge: We are going to have to do some promotional work and maybe go on tour, so it's not like we won't be working for the money.
Dazzie: Exactly, it's just a case of our hearts are no longer in it.
NME: Well I have to say, I do think that this is a bit out of order.
Dazzie: Well don't buy the album then
NME: Well I wasn't planning to, I've heard it.
Ginge: Meaning?
NME: Well it sounds like you never gave a toss, or were you really that bad all along?
Dazzie: How about mayeb your so thick you just never understood it?
Ginge: Yeah you look like a bit of a posh kid to me, bet you never had to struggle on the streets, you wouldn't have a clue what our music meant.
NME: Well neither of you two had to struggle on the streets, you all had good jobs before you formed the band.
Dazzie: See you don't have a clue mate. Sounds like this interview is pointless.
Ginge: Do you have any decent questions or are they all aimed at slagging us off ?
NME: Well to be fair I did only ask why you got back together.
Dazzie: Yeah but it's a leading question isn't it. Don't think just because we make Dance music.........
NME: ......you wish
Dazzie: .....that we can be fooled.
Ginge: Yeah you see the gear we wear and you think you can talk smart and confuse us.
Chris: Can I just ask something.
Ginge: What is it Chris?
Chris: Well it's just about the comeback really.
Dazzie: Yeah
Chris: Well you two told me that we were not going to be getting any money for this and that is was simply to set the record straight once and for all about our music.
Dazzie: Don't remember saying that.
Chris: Yeah you did
Dazzie: Yeah well of course there will be some money involved, but at the end of the day I should think it will only be based on what records are played and as you hardly wrote any of them I doubt you will be getting any money.
Chris: So I have to come along to these interviews, go on tour with yout two again and sing on all these shows for pretty much nothing while you two rake it in?
Ginge: What's your point Chris?
Chris: Well nothing much Ginge, only that I left the life of a king in Thiland to come and help get this band back together and you two are willing to just sell me up the river.
Dazzie: What's your point?
Chris: Well can I play an instrument this time?
NME: I think we are coming away from the questions a bit here, here is one from one of our readers called John. He wants to know who you are.
Dazzie: Twat, next
NME: Ok well we have another one from Joe and she asks if you feel your will be able to fit into the dance scene of today compared to the dance scene of 1991.
Ginge: We ARE dance music, if we can't fit into the scene as it is now, then that is the fault of the youth of today. Not us.
Dazzie: Yeah that's right, if they are all to dumb to get where we are coming from then that is there fault.
NME: But don't you think that maybe it's your job to make music that people want to listen to rather than the buying public just buying your stuff simply because you say it's good?
Dazzie: We are the ones who are making the records, I think we know what is good and what isn't, don't you.
NME: No comment. Ok one question I would like to ask, how did you really get the original record deal with EMI, I know there are loads of stories floating about as to how you managed it, but what really happened.
Chris: It was down to my mate.
Ginge: You have never had any mates, and never will have any mates Chris.
Chris: Well you never knew the bloke I got to ring EMI.
Dazzie: Nor did you really, all you did was fix his computer and he said he owed you one.
Ginge: In fact I don't even think he had anything to do with the music business.
NME: So this mate rung EMI and asked if you could have a meeting with them yeah.
Dazzie: No
Ginge: It was more a treat than a request.
Dazzie: We got the bloke to ring up and say that he would send a computer virus to the EMI offices if they didn't give us some recording time.
Ginge: They mis-heard us and gave us a contract instead.
Dazzie: Well we were not going to turn it down were we.
NME: So EMI gave you a contract without hearing any of your material.
Ginge: Well it's just as well, we didn't have any.
Chris: He called me mate you know, doesn't that count?
Dazzie: Before we knew it, we were recording The Beat With Backing Vocals and away we went.
NME: But isn't treatening companies with a Virus a crime?
Ginge: Wasn't us who rang them.
Dazzie: No it was Chris' mate, so the only come back was on him if it all went tits up.
Chris: Oh so now he is my mate.
Dazzie: Shut UP.
NME: Is that really what happened?
Ginge: Yeah, why you think we are lying then?
NME: No it just sounds a bit far fetched doesn't it. I mean if I was to say all of that to you, you would think it was a bit of an odd story. Let's face it. record companies don't usually pander to treats do they, so why should they to you three, you didn't even have any material to offer them.
Dazzie: Well maybe we promised to make it worth his while.
NME: Doesn't look like you kept your promise.
Dazzie: I don't think you know what you are getting yourself into here mate, I think you had better shut it.
Ginge: Maybe you want to take your problem with our story outside eh?
Chris: Hey come on lads you promised no fighting this time round.
Dazzie: Well maybe Mr Student here wants to find out how we really got the deal.
NME: Well to be honest I'm not that interested anymore.
Ginge: Well you seemed to be just now.
NME: Look we have plenty of questions left to get through, so maybe we should just move on and get through these as quick as possible.
Dazzie: Get on with it then.
NME: Do you think your new material will make a the grade this time round
Ginge: Yes.
NME: Are there any plans for a tour next year to go with the album?
Dazzie: Yes.
NME: Do you all still intend to make a film about the group some time in the future?
Ginge: Yes.
NME: What is your pre-gig meal?
Chris: Oh I'll answer this one, I have Pasta, you know those bow tie looking ones, and I have tomato sauce type stuff on it, and if I am still peckish I tend to just snack you know on peanuts of whatever is left over really.
Dazzie: Your such a twat Chris.
Chris: Sorry I was just saying.
Ginge: Yeah real Hardcore Chris.
NME: And finally, it there any truth to the rumours going around that you never in fact sung on any of your records and it was really just three session vocalists?
Dazzie: No, right we are out of here, total waste of time.
Ginge: NME is just a waste of good bog roll if you ask me.
Chris: Thanks for having us, don't mind those two, they......
Dazzie: CHRIS
Chris: Oh had better go. Bye.
NME: Err yeah thanks lads.