Bing Bong (3 single EP)
Moments in History
Hitting Where it Hurts
Hitting Where it Hurts

Take That Back
Man Of Stress Just Won't Calm Down
To Sad To Speak
Hitting Where It Hurts
Label Yourself
Don't Diss This
Decade Of Destruction
Wham Bam Thank You Man
Cash In Hand
You Can't Make Me Cry (that hurts)
Table Manners
In November 1991 I was invited to the launch party that was being held in for a debut studio album of a mainly unknown dance band. Not much was known about them. Still very much an underground band, EMI seemingly desperate to get them into the mainstream. Rumours of the record company already loosing money from a lucrative contract, the party was a big affair, aiming to impress.
It was fair to say that none of us owned DCA's EP's collection Bing Bong, but when EMI call you to one of their events you come. As is usual at one of these events the drinks were free and flowing, and by the time it was time to bring the three band members out we were all rather the worse for wear. The album was played, the band performed two of the tracks and we all left having over eaten and over drunk and very much entertained by our hosts. As is usual for the job most of us do, a write up was needed for the morning press. None of us wanting to lose face to the opposition. So back we all went to our desks and wrote up our reports still very much under the spell of the evening and plenty of beer.

It's fair to say that as a result of these events Hitting where it Hurts got a far better write up than it should have. Stories of the next best thing, musical perfection and the new face of youth were........... very over the top.
But when the music press report such things people listen and records get brought. As a result somehow this album was a success for the first month. Adding to that the fact that we were in the Christmas season and the album got remembered for being a hit.

Many a reporter lost his job thorugh this publicity stunt, their magazines and papers unable to face the fact that they had reported that such a below average album had been something the world had been waiting for. EMI of course knew all of this and played us all right into their hands, how many of us really know what the hell we have listened to when we are smashed out of our heads, most of us didn't even remember what the band looked like when sat in front of our PC's that night of the launch.

So what is the story behind this farce? Well most of that remains unknown, many stories have come out, whether they are true we will never know. EMI always remain very quiet when it comes to DCA.
Hitting where it Hurts was never the album we all reported it to be, the songs were dire, sung by three lads who clearly have never had a lesson between them, even lacking the urban sound that would have let them off.
The biggest joke of all was their single taken from the album "You can't make me Cry". A so called attempt to see off the ever emerging boybands of the time. Trying to show their more tender side, this ballad mixed with an ambient backdrop was able to make us all cry.......mainly for mercy. Although a rumour does fly around the industy that this track did in fact inspire East 17's Stay another Day.
Decade of Destruction was of course the ill fated single which was suppose to break barriers between Dance music and Heavy Metal, ending with most artists on both sides calling for blood.

The hype created by us drunken reporters did in fact give the band two hit singles from this album proving you really can sell anything you want in this world. EMI managed to break even and faces were saved all round.
All apart from those reporters who lost their jobs and ended up back with local papers. 

Rick Sky  Urban Dance Magazine