Bing Bong (3 single EP)
Moments in History
Hitting Where it Hurts
Legal history was very nearly made as a result of DCA's self titled "third" album.
EMI desperate to get out of thier contract with a band who were doing nothing but wasting their money, were saved by the ruling in music circles that Bing Bong had entered the album charts.

DCA had signed a three album deal, and went into the studio believing they were writing their second album. Bing Bong was simply a collection of their first three promotional EP's and therefore never considered as an album. But with the band losing more money than they were earning at the expense of their record company, EMI turned to the small fact that Bing Bong had entered the album chart, therefore officially classing it as an album. A court case would have followed had the band had any money to take the matter further. Instead a few apperences on regional News programme South Today was the only chances they got to air their disgust.

Fuelled by this, DCA went about writing thier now third album needing to put themselves in the shop window. It was make or break time for a band who were living on a reputation that no one knew the origin of.
EMI gave them licence to make whatever record they desired, knowing it would be the end.

With dance music changing with every month that passed, DCA took it apon themselves to try and make the album that was not only going to get secure them a new deal somewhere else, but also define how dance music would be made for the next 10 years. The only problem was that they still didn't have the talent or know how to pull off such an album. With the pressure on, the band took almost a year to record the new album. Most of thier time taken up with arguments and weekends spent drinking the budget.

The album that finally came out early 1993 was so bad it can frequently be seen in "worst album" charts. Three singles were released, none of which made a top 40 position. The contract was up and so was the bands time with us.

Most people to this day still have no idea who DCA are or were, and those who do will hardly look back on them with a smile.
Looking back, it's easy to see what the band were trying to do, and if they had managed to, we would possibly still be left with the total noise that happened anyway.
Music was defined by their actions in the end, but only as a guide of how not to make music.
Quite how they managed to make waves in their first year will always remain a mystery, but I am one thankful columnist who will never have to review any more of their albums....although my dog seemed to like it, unless they were howls of pain?.

What will become of them now...................
DCA by DCA is an album that should be heard once, if only so you will never slag off Take That again.


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