Moments in History
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10 years is a long time in the music business, often the pioneers get forgotten, Music moves on and often the roots of what we hear today are cast aside. They have no place in the minds of todays music buying public, they don't care what started the trend they are now pledging their souls to. The very same music that they claim expresses their personalitys, is laughed at as old hat simply because it wasn't made during their music listening lives.
But sometimes the past catches up with you and the long forgotten voices of the past come back and reclaim the titles and sounds that are rightly theirs. The music buying public then get their chance to claim they knew about them all along and suddenly you can't beat the sound of the past.

DCA are not such a band, they didn't set any trends, they were not ground breaking and hold no records for record sales. They were cast aise by their record company after their third album and no one has a clue who they are.
Somehow they managed to release three albums in the short space of time they tasted fame in it's weakest form. They did to be fair cause a wave of excitement when their first EP was claimed by one reporter to be the change in music the industry had been waiting for. This piece of false reporting did give them the platform to perform and record longer than the public could bare.
Why their reocrd label kept them on, only the band and EMI will ever know.

So why they are trying to make a comeback is anyones guess.
But back they are complete with a new album which is a collection of all their singles, all of which I doubt you ever got to hear the first time round. It also includes a new single written for the album.
Moments in History I suppose must represent moments in someones life history, but it's certainly not musics.

But welcome to DCA's official website, here you will be able to find out all about the band, thier music and who they are as well as all the latest news.

Sarah Dempster NME
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