Bing Bong (3 single EP)
Moments in History
Hitting Where it Hurts
Bing Bong

The Beat With Backing Vocals
(Dub Mix)
The Beat With Backing Vocals
(House Mix)
Yo Bro'
(Album Track)
Yo Bro'
12" Scratch Mix)
Yo Bro'
(Say Yo Mix)
Come On Then
(8515 Break)
Come On Then
(Fight Mix)
Yo Bro'
(Bench Beat)
Final Fling
The story goes that these three lads simply walked into the offices of EMI and refused to leave until they had a record deal signed. So sure of their own talents that they didn't even take a demo tape with them. Sure enough, 4 hours later they left with a three album deal, and that was the start of the DCA story.

The true story is a little less romantic.
The whole deal simply boiled down to a mate of a mates knowing someone in the business who owed them a favour...and that was the start of the DCA story.
EMI never truly thought they would end up going anywhere with the deal and sure enough it was all over as quick as the phone call that started it all off.

But a step on the ladder was all these three lads wanted, and after only one month The Beat with Backing Vocals was released. A white label EP, thought to be mainly more to do with EMI not wanting anyone to know about it's release than getting the EP played in the clubs.
Much to the surprise of EMI the record became in demand and within two weeks the EP was hurried out into the shops. The public believing the record was a noveltiy release rather than the hard hitting dance track the band felt they were recording.
Soon to follow was Come On Then, the bands attempts to address the ever growing problems on the streets of Basingstoke. The record was quickly condemed by the Police who promptly moved to ban it. As a result the record was quickly snapped up simply on this publicity. The EP became a success without ever really being played anywhere.
Yo Bro' completed the earliest of this collection of EP's. Living off the success of Come On Them, Yo Bro' did enough to keep the band on the unexpected roll they found themselves on.

With fans only managing to get snippets of the band due to lack of Radio coverage, Bing Bong was released to give the fans a taste of what had been going on so far. All three EP's were included as well as DCA Theme and Final Fling an instrumental track that the band were hoping would be snapped up and used on car adverts. It never happened and became one of the least used tracks by the band.

It's clear listening to Bing Bong now that EMI didn't really pay much attention to what they were putting out on the streets. These three EP's put together simply highlights the dire talent and lack of musical knowledge DCA had. Bing Bong has since been deleted from EMI's back catalogue, but anyone willing to admit owning it shouldn't celebrate too quickly that they might have a rare diamond on their hands. The 50p this album ended up costing while spending it's time in the bargin bucket possibly hasn't risen in price.

Carl Loburn DJ Magazine