Dazzie B
The main force behind DCA.
The anger, passion and voice of the youth of the early 90's. Or so he would have us believe. Dazzie B made most of the music and tried to guide the band into a different direction with each album.
Dazzie B's hard hitting vocals and lyrics could have been the next big thing had he been part of another band.
Dazzie B has gone on to produce some well known dance tracks,
Man Of Stress
Named because he was.
While this trip into fame should have been enjoyable and savoured, Man Of Stress did nothing but stress about anything and everything.
The reason was never really known, although rumours have it he has since found peace with himself and this world. But his whereabouts is unknown after he took off days after the band split up.
Man Of Stress is famous for penning Come On Then after an argument
with the police after he failed to clear up after his dog while taking it for a walk one sunday afternoon. Man Of Stress cleverly turned the situation round into a youth verses the system style track, showing how the police clearly picked on him because of his culture and age whilst all around him were getting away with the same crime.
Always known as the moody and quiet one on stage, Man Of Stress was never seen without his trade mark sunglasses. This once worked against him during a gig at Hammersmith when he walked off the front of the stage during one of the famous lights out parts of the gig.
Man Of Stress was also known for never really singing but speaking his lines, "I feel I can reach the public more with what I am saying if I speak to them rather than the rap the other two come out with, no one ever got anywhere in this life by trying to teach people by rapping to them".

Man Of Stress can also count To Sad To Speak & Wham Bam Thank You Man to his bow of tracks he wrote.
He was also responsible for the short fad that had fans going to concerts and just standing there after once famously saying that showing emotion to music was a way of showing you are so weakminded to something as simple as bass. People would alo turn up in sunglasses during this period while just standing there.  The rest of the band used to say it was like performing to a crowd of tailor shop dummies.
Andy Ginge / The Ginge
Dispite constantly being in the headlines for the three years the band were together, not a lot is really known about the third member of the band. Possibly most remembered by the fans for his failed publicity stunt whilst trying to promote the bands third album, when he decided to walk down Oxford Street naked with nothing but the name of the new album and release date written across his front and back. The stunt went wrong when a passer by's dog took a liking to him and wouldn't leave his leg
alone. In the end the police were called and the stunt was over before he had even got past 50 yards.
Ginge was never shy in coming forward whenever the press were around, although this did work against him in the end, when the press started to dig up as much dirt about him as they could, finally outing a hidden secret about his involvment in the demise of the 80's hit comedy programme "Ever Decresing Circles".
Like Dazzie B, The Ginge had a lot to say and used the band as a sounding board for his views.
The tracks Label Yourself, Night time Sun and Life get Worse are all known to be written as attacks against the world's super powers, although the lyrics don't seem to match the intention.
Also responsible for Your Don't Make Me Cry, the bands ballard EP which was an attempt to not lose anymore ground from the ever growing number of boy bands at the time.

The Ginge is now spending his time trying to recapture the fame the band briefly gave him. He released one solo album in 1994 but it failed to do anything in the charts and went as quickly as it came. In the end he was the victim of his own publicity.
The Ginge is currently starting another band called The Roads.
working with some of the worlds best DJ's. Dispite this, his ill fated solo project "Around the World with Drum and Bass" did signal the end, with no one wanting him to work on their records again. The solo album failed to make the kind of waves his behind the scenes work had done. As a result his time in the music business was over.

When Dazzie B penned The Beat With Backing Vocals he was hailed as the next ICE T by most of the music press, most of whom were willing to over look the noise that appeared on the track with it. It is thought that this early praise was as much to blame for Dazzie B believing he was the new wave in music and taking the band down many disasterous roads during their time together.
Dazzie was also well known for his fear of cheese after the band were bombarded by the stuff while supporting Dutch group The Cloggs in Holland. The band were unaware that this was a sign of respect. But Dazzie's phobia sent him over the top and he ended up smashing the stage up, the rest of the gig was called off and a riot then started. DCA were never asked back to Holland.
Before DCA's comeback Dazzie B was in the early stages of writing a West End Musical about the Korean war.
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