The Cooper Temple Clause
See this through and leave
Did you miss me?
Panzer Attack
Who Needs Enemies?
Digital Observations
Let's Kill Music
Been Training Dogs
The Lake
Murder Song
First Impression:
Need to get my breath back

In a Nutshell:
This is a million miles an hour album, full of pure energy. A total breath of fresh air. Deserves a lot of air play.

Stand out Tracks:
Amber, Panzer Attack, Been Training Dogs, Who needs Enemies.
I brought this album as a total gamble. I had not really heard anything about them and only heard Who Needs Enemies a few times on the radio. It turned out to be one of the best buys in years.
Putting the album on not having a clue what I was in store for, the opening track Did you miss me starts off very down and dark and then takes off and from that moment on the album just hits you for 6.
The Cooper Temple Clause are new fresh and exciting. The music is loud, the mixture of thrahsed guitars and keyboards is not new but they make it sound like something you have never heard before. The vocals are at times screamed out without being annoying or to much to take, and the added bonus of the songs not being about worshiping the devil and the darker side of life or how tough things are in the Ghetto, two subjects I am bored to death of lately.
This album is not all about some kids who have got hold of some guitars and gone for broke either, each track is different without losing the feel of the record, and there are some great moments.
Amber is one of these. After you have had your ears burst from the opening 4 tracks Amber is one of the softer ones but still includes the by now trademark guitars. This however does not take away the feeling of the tune which is one of the more thoughtful songs. With not all the tracks being big guitar tunes, Digital Observations being one, this album does give you the odd breather. 
This is definatly an album to throw on when you have excess energy you have to burn off. I found that I could not wait to hear the next track to see what else this album could offer me.
This is very much their own sound from a number of obvious influences and let's hope they are around for a very long time. This is a a welcomed suprise to my collection, and although I do recommend it, you might need to sample it before you buy. But I would be very suprised if the energy of this album alone didn't get you wanting to play it again especially if you like your music loud.