KFC Sense
This wonderful little flyer was found INSIDE the new KFC in Basingstoke.
As flyers go this one is ok, it serves it's purpose and gives out the information that it wishes us to know.
As we can see this is meant to help us find our favourite fast food chicken restaurant. There is no faulting it, the is a map, an address and even the opening hours.

But what is the point in having a load of these at the counter for you to pick up and take with you. What incase you forget where you have just been. Maybe they are for people who have no idea where they are?
The Common Sense Guide
It's just another case of people not using common sense. Who in their right mind would think that people would take these away with them. They know where you are, they know because they are already there.
Had they put a menu on them then I would have let them off, but no.
I think they have been eating too much of their own product.

The Common Sense Guide