The Common Sense Guide
Visual Sense
A short and sweet lesson this one, but one I am sure will pop up again and again in this series. One of visual sense. People just simply ask the most stupidest of things when the answers are right in front of them.

I'll start with this one as it occurs nearly all the time.

Here we can see The Ginge pictured with his screen, the tell tale signs are there. The famous "Le Ginge Le Supreme" is there at the top of the screen, TheGinge.Com sticker is there at the bottom. It's clearly his screen.
So why is it, that nearly once a day I get asked "Who is the Arsenal fan then" or "do you support Arsenal?". I will be sat at my desk, in front of my screen. The clues are there.
My usual answer is "I just like the picture" or I tell them I don't know who the Arsenal fan is. The response I usually get to that one is "well it's on your machine". Once that happens, wait 30 seconds for the penny to drop. It is then safe to move onto the next subject.
The Common Sense Guide