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Radio Sense
Here is a variation on a theme.
For this lesson we will be using the radio. This problem also occurs with people watching TV programmes, but the lesson is always the same.

This one couldn't be easier to learn.
Have you ever been listening to the radio and hated every track that comes blasting out of the speakers?
Ever found yourself stood there moaning about track after track? "How can people listen to this rubbish?, It's just a noise, This isn't music, Christ, can no one sing anymore"
Well moany bastards, there is a way you can stop all your misery, and it's so easy even you will be able to do it.

You see, your radio is powered by electricity, and without it, your radio simply won't be able to function, and you know what that more horrid music.

All you have to do is look for the hidden power switch. It is usually hidden away at the front of your radio. (Quick tip, it's the one that says power next to it)
Now here is for the tricky part. In order for you to stop all that nasty music coming out of your radio all you have to do is press or push the power switch until there is silence.
We promise you this is no trick, it really does work. Now you are free to go about your day finding something else to moan about.

Under normal circumstances we would show you how to simply retune your radio to a more pleasing channel but we will save that for another day, take a rest for now
This method has also been proven to work on your TV when your TV tries to force you to watch unwanted programmes. But for those of you who are confused by that, look for the power switch on your TV not your Radio.
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