The Real Tom Howlett

Tom Howlett – The Next Chapter

So it appears that the real Tom Howlett has been found.

With no one officially challenging the claim by a mad old man (who came forward a couple of weeks ago) it looks like the case can now be closed.

So with the biggest mystery now cleared up, what is next for Tom Howlett?

The media have been falling over themselves to be the first to get the story in full but as well as the press agents have also been sniffing around for a piece of the action.

None more so than agent of the stars: Troy Jones.

“Coming back was the best thing Tom ever did. I have it all set out; a book deal, rumours of a film, photo shoots and there is a new Asda in Stockport that needs opening”.

Still No Word From Tom Howlett Himself

Tom himself has continued to keep quiet, mainly on the advice of his new agent.
“Tom isn’t the greatest at public speaking, it’s largely nonsense and I don’t think anyone is really interested”.

When asked who might star as Tom in any up and coming films about his disappearance Troy had a few names already lined up.
“Nick Nolte is the big name but in order for him to get the role we need him back on the booze and drugs, sure he is a great method actor but to truly live the part he needs to be as high as a kite and back in the gutter”.

Nolte gave no comment.

Asda however are very excited about the possibility of Tom opening their new Stockport store.
“You always hope for a big name but you never imagine someone as big as Tom. This will be a great start to the Stockport store”.

It became clear later that there had been a big mistake and it was Tom Howley (the bespoke kitchen giant) that they really wanted opening their store.

The so called real Tom Howlett remains tight lipped.

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