Tim PaytonIt’s time for another Arsenal “ITK”.

This time it’s Tim Payton.

Another “In The Know” who doesn’t have a clue.

Following on the heels of the post I wrote about fellow “ITK” Myles Palmer, Tim Payton who yearns the acknowledgement from Arsenal fans as he churns out “inside information” time and time again.

During the summer of 2013 I just became sick and tired of all these mouths with inside information more than happy to throw us all their knowledge to try and promote themselves as important people who have an ear in the club.

The truth of course is none of them do.

Tim Payton is one of them.

Tim is on the board of the Arsenal Supporters Trust. The Trust do indeed get to speak and meet with Arsenal. Tim has indeed spoken with the top brass at the club and has had his photo taken with the likes of Stan Kroenke – however much like Palmer, he isn’t privy to the type of information he would like us to believe he is.

Now unlike Myles Palmer, Payton is an Arsenal fan. He does have a fan’s opinion on the club. Football is about opinion and all fans have them. Provide fans with a platform to express their opinions such as Twitter and debate is guaranteed. Whether you agree with Tim’s opinion or not, it’s his to have and fair play.

However, what I can deal with is opinion backed up with bollocks.

Opinion backed up with some made up notion that “I Am In The Know”.

All Tim Payton knows is the same as you and me – what he reads in the papers or what the club decide to inform us.


Some of the interviews Payton did over the summer with Arsenal Fan TV perfectly highlight his lack of “inside information”.

In fact he spoke complete and utter bollocks. And the great thing about YouTube is it’s there for all to see:

Yeap it was ALL BOLLOCKS.

Now Arsenal frustrated all of us in summer by not signing players we were linked to. The truth is, we were linked to these players by the press NOT by the club.

The trouble is these ITK’s thrive on this and run with this information.

Fans all summer almost lost it with the lack of incoming players.

Add to that a loss on the opening day of the season to Aston Villa and you have almost civil war on your hand. Queue another interview with expert and the man on the inside:

Let’s relive that defining question from Arsenal Fan TV:

Arsenal TV: Have you heard of any mayor signing that we are looking to bring in?
Tim Payton: NO. I think it is like “throwing a pack of cards in the air and see which one comes down first”


Days later we signed Ozil.

Payton also questions the goalkeepers at the club and says they won’t ever flourish without a good quality coach. At the time of writing this (24 games in) we have the second best “goals against” record in the league – only one behind Chelsea.

Payton calls for a revamp of the structure of the club “because it doesn’t know what it is doing” – We signed Ozil without the world knowing we were even after him – I would say it is working just fine Tim.

In fact despite all of Paytons information and knowledge we are currently top of the league 24 games in.
We came out of the “group of death” in the Champions League and we are still in the FA Cup.

The squad that Payton claimed were weaker than last season are flying. FLYING. They may end up not winning anything this season BUT everyone got it wrong about how they would perform this season.

Everyone apart from the manager – THE ONLY BLOKE QUALIFIED TO JUDGE AND PICK THE TEAM.

Everything Tim Payton said was bollocks. He doesn’t know anything. He didn’t know anything.

And do you know why, because he isn’t privy to what goes on at the club. Simple as that.

Just like Myles Palmer.

You can go to as many of these AGM’s as you want. You can ask the club as many questions as you want. The truth is they aren’t listening to you and they don’t tell you anything.

The defining moment for all Arsenal ITK’s and the press who all claim to know what is going on at Arsenal Football Club was the signing of Ozil.

EVERYONE missed it.

Payton thought it was going to be İlkay Gündoğan who was coming in…

As I have said, I am sure Payton is an Arsenal fan but one who so desperately wants to be so much more than that. Like all of these In The Knows, they thrive on the attention they create by feeding all of those that will listen with crap.

Stop listening to them.

And Tim Payton – SHUT UP.

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