The GingeThere is no let up. What is going on?

Having lost my rankings for my name following the passing of Andy Williams the 60′s crooner I am now battling to keep rankings for my nickname – The Ginge.

The BBC have decided to commission a TV series for the comedy act The Ginge, The Geordie and the Geek.

Are they any good, I have no idea.

But what I do know is the sudden content surrounding the programme has flooded Google and suddenly I am on the verge of falling off the first page.

The BBC, The Metro, their site, Twitter and Facebook accounts have come from nowhere.

Google is all about promoting content at the moment and I quite simply don’t have time or the resources to take on the likes of the BBC.

This is an attack on The Ginge.

If you do a search on Google Images all you can see are three blokes in pants and capes. An on going joke I assume. “It’s funny because we are in pants”. To be fair there is also an image of Jim Carrey (?????).

Keep Calm And Love The Ginge

The Original Ginge

It’s one thing to lose your name but come on people there can be only one Ginge. The original Ginge.

I held that top ranking for 10 years. Who are these chancers coming along taking my nickname. ENOUGH.

But lets not panic. It’s just another fight that needs to be had.

A Ginge MugThere are other things I would have preferred to have suddenly out ranked me. But what can you do?

The place called The Ginge, that would have been fine. It’s a physical location after all. Yes there really is one in the UK.

Even this mug, I would have been fine if this had outranked me. It’s not a bad mug, I wouldn’t mind owning one to be honest.

Christmas coming up, just saying.

Let battle commence I guess.



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