Andy Williams: Stand Up Comedian

Andy Williams Stand Up Comedian

Andy Williams

“A one man wank joke machine. Considering every open mic night kicks and stones this subject to death, Andy (a pro) fucking brushes off the carcas, revives it and makes an audience laugh with a crude (in a great way) and raucous set.

So much thought has gone into his subject matter that he takes it to a level that leaves even a rather prudish, staid audience in stitches. He also tackles other subject matter but good, original masturbation material is a rare thing.”

“Wins the audience over with his self deprecating tales of unrequited lust and masturbation. A solid set of gingery wonderfulness.”

“Cheeky cockney comic Andy Williams enjoyed watching girls go by – but in a much more seedy way. His lewd material and comic timing has the audience in fits of laughter, while he also provides a disturbing window into the male psyche. Not one to watch with elderly relatives.”

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