Arsenal In The Knows - SHUT UPMyles Palmer So Desperately Wants People To Believe He Is ITK.

The summer transfer window of 2013 has been a very long and stressful one for all Arsenal fans.

Before the start of the summer sales the club declared how loaded they were. This was going to be the summer when they seriously flashed the cash. “We are now in a position where we could buy Wayne Rooney” declared Gazidis. The big deals were coming into the club and everything was rosey.

We were ready to make our statement of intent. This was the time when the club was to mix it with the big boys once again.

And then nothing happened. A couple of free signings, one an ex Gooner and one ex postman from France.

The fans went mad calling for Arsene Wenger to be sacked or for him to leave. All the social media platforms were screaming for signings or blood.

And right in the middle of it all were the self proclaimed “In The Know” characters. Those who get a kick out of pretending they know something no one else does. The ones who love to give the impression they are savvy to information only the directors of the club could possibly know about.

Today we look at possibly the worst of the lot – Myles Palmer.

Myles is an aged hack well skilled in the art of writing the perfect spin.

His style of writing gives of a very strong impression that he has inside information, he knows what is going on before anyone else does.

There is just one problem – he doesn’t.

Myles is the master of “the exclusive”. He revels big news long before anyone else. Long before the press get wind of it. The problem is, none of it ever comes true.

His big claim this summer was that Fabregas was resigning – IT WAS A DONE DEAL. Guess What – It was bollocks. All summer Myles Palmer has been mouthing off with his opinions and inside information. Telling us all how the Arsenal board were incompetent, how Wenger had run his course and was now totally out of touch (while of course promoting his biography of Arsene Wenger at every single opportunity).

Shut The F*** Up

As it turns out. He knew nothing. Not a thing. He didn’t have a clue, mainly because he never does. Myles Palmer has no inside information, he has not exclusives, no special contacts at the club. He just loves the sound of his own bullshit and the idea of making everyone believe his bullshit.

The truth of the matter is no one, and I mean no one, had a single idea what was going on this summer as was proved by the signing of Ozil from Madrid. A signing 3 months in the making and a deal that involved Wenger, Law, Gazidis and Silent Stan Kroenke himself. A deal masterminded by some truly genius transfer play. A deal that used smoke and mirrors to give the impression that Arsenal and Wenger didn’t know what they were doing and that Spurs were holding the world to ransom with their hold up of the Bale deal.

Myles Palmer had a field day. Apart from his “exclusive” that Fabregas was a done deal my second favourite quote to come from him this summer was this:

“The notion that Arsenal are considering a £38 million bid for Ozil is bizarre. Why would Ozil leave Real Madrid to join Arsenal?”

In one short sentence Myles Palmer sums himself up – he doesn’t have a fucking clue what is going on at the club and never has.

While Palmer was busy writing about how Arsenal and Madrid were puppets on Spurs strings the two clubs were sat down at the table finalising the Ozil deal. While Palmer was singing the praises of Daniel Levy and how he was ruling the transfer window, Levy was sat in a very empty directors box at The Emirates while the Arsenal board were in Spain screwing their neighbours over. Palmer didn’t know about any of it. Simple as. And the fact that he didn’t know about any of it just highlights that all the garbage he was spouting all summer was just hot air based on nothing, absolutely nothing. just his own meaningless spin.

Arsene Wenger

Just because he has met and spoken to members of the club in some depth doesn’t mean he has been privy to any important information, and this proves it. Why the hell would they tell him? He is a wannabe, an nobody, just a seasoned hack who believes his own bollocks.

Gooners – stop listening to this In The Know Wannabe. Just review his posts over the summer here. Make your own mind up. You will soon see he is all fart and no shit.

Ladies and Gentlemen – Myles Palmer our first ITK who isn’t In The Know. STOP READING HIS SITE.


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