Music MondayIt’s #musicmonday. I’m pretty much following on from the feel good factor of the Four Tet’s Smile Around The Face.

Well lets face it there is no point posting bland boring music that doesn’t make me react in some way. This one is another one to make you feel good.

Lyrically is obviously as minimal as it gets but then it is a dance track. But it’s the smile that is smothered all over this track that I just love. It’s summer, it’s care free and if you are like me you will enjoy letting this track take you away somewhere happy.

Listening to the track takes you in one direction, listening to it while watching the video takes you somewhere else.

#musicmonday 2: The Avalanches — Since I Left You.

If you have never seen this video before then I guarantee that once you watch it all the way through for the first time you will watch it again straight away just so you can enjoy it again through different eyes.

Watch, Smile Then Watch Again

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