Music MondayThe #musicmonday hash tag used to flood my Twitter feed each Monday but it seems to have died out a bit these days, which is a shame as I used to enjoy picking up new music to look out for and try.

So, when I can I’ll add my Music Monday offerings on here.

Music you may not have heard before, music that I love and music that quite frankly everyone should own.

#musicmonday 1: Four Tet – Smile Around The Face.

I love this track and I love the video that goes with it.

It has such a feel good factor about it which always makes me smile. Even the video which on the surface may look like its not the most uplifing subject leaves you smiling. Having Mark Heap (who is one of the best british comedy actors around) in it also helps.

Four Tet isn’t the most well known act but if this track grabs your attention then you have to listen to more.

Enjoy, Play It Loud and Smile


I also found this second video for the track which has been made by a student at La Guardia High School of the Visual & Performing Arts. It’s also a good watch if you enjoy that type of “people coming together, having fun, taking part” video.


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