Great South Run 2012There are times when I have some truly great ideas (no really there are)…

And there are times when those great ideas come out of my mouth…

There are then times when those ideas get out of hand and before you know it a challenge is on.

Guess who opened his mouth at work a few months ago – “I’ve entered the Great South Run, I think we should all enter it and run for charity”.

“Yeah I’ll have some of that Ginge”

Repeat another 12 odd times and before you know it The Koozai Great South Run Challenge Is On.

Oh what have I done. Why can’t I just shut it.

This was a charity run – now it’s war.

Who will win?

But for now, never mind that – there is important money to be raised. Koozai will be running for “Kids Cancer Charity” (formally The Christian Lewis Trust). This is a really worthwhile cause and one we are proud to be running for.

Now I know you are all wondering “How Do I Sponsor You Ginge”, well all you have to do is go to my Just Giving Page :

But there are those of you who may want to bet against The Ginge. You can go to our team page and you can choose who you want to sponsor:

Please give what you can and back us. Every pound counts and does make a difference.

But back to what is now A RACE.

Within Koozai we have beginners to running, we have the quiet ones, marathon runners, half marathon runners and a bloody Ironman.

This isn’t going to be easy and I am around 10 years older than most who are running for Koozai.

But the old man is taking them on – and quite frankly is looking for the win. I’m not looking for a new personal best, I’m not looking to finish in a better state than I did 12 months ago. I am aiming for the win. Simple as.

Around 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia so not only am I the second oldest in this challenge but I am also now riddled with cronic pain making training almost impossible (is that a sympathy vote to try and get more sponsorship, fuck it you have to try don’t you).

So not only do I have all of that against me but I have opened my mouth taking on marathon runners (who have finished a lot, lot quicker than the ones I have run) but I have also taken on an Ironman (who ran the marathon part quicker than my fastest ever time).

Rob Arkell - Ironman - I Am Coming For YouBut one thing is for sure, training or no training – I Am Coming For You Rob Arkell.

Over 10 miles I Will Take You On.

Even If I Am Riddled Backwards With Pain Unable To Train At All For This – I Will Take You.

Forget Your Marathon Times – This Is The Race That Matters.

And I Will Take You.



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