Big Biffa Profile
Warren Liver

Warren is one of our standby Binmen. Called into
battle after Clive had to pull out through injury,
Warren is looking forward to getting his big chance.
"I see this as my last chance to do anything with
my life, if I mess this up I don't know what the
hell I will do".

Warren fell into waste disposal after having tried everything else on offer in his local Job Centre. Full of energy, Warren will wizz round without needing to catch his breath. He has been known to do three people's work load in one day.
It is thought that this maybe down to him wanting to be on Big Biffa so badly that he was willing to work himself into the ground to get noticed.
"I know I have not made the final 6 but I am on the standby list and if I get my chance I will show the team just what I can do. I have never done anything worthwhile in my life and failure now might see me joining the Russian Army or something".

Warren only sore spot is his Surname, but until he can afford to change it he is stuck with it. He even finished a relationship with the women he says was the love of his life, but with her surname being Bacon I just couldn't stand anymore of those Liver and Bacon jokes. She had to go. I miss her like mad but what can you do. Something just are not worth having food jokes thrown at you all the time.
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