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Here is where you get to keep up with all the gossip.
Binmen are a funny lot and you can be sure that any back stabbing will be herd here.

Or prehaps here is where they will bond?
12:56pm - Day Eight
Jurgen seems to be the topic for most conversations, after his Dry Cleaning incident.
Jurgen has had to go back to the correct shop leaving the rest of the group free to talk about him behind his back. Frank seems more chatting about things now he is no longer team leader and is first to bring up what he thinks of Jurgen. "The man is a twat, and he smells of cats piss, what is that all about?".

1:00pm - Day Six
Frank relays the information he has been given by Warren that some people may well be discussing who they will be voting for tomorrow. The group deny anything of the sort going on. Frank calls Warren a snitch and urges the group to all vote for him tomorrow to get rid of him.

12:52pm - Day Six
Frank has been made aware of a rumour going round that some of the crew may well be cubbing together and all voting for the same person in order to make sure none of them will be voted off.
Frank thanks new boy Warren for the information.

12:34pm - Day Six
With tomorrows vote very much on everyones minds, the talk is all very friendly with no one wanting to leave a bad impression on the rest of the group.

1:27pm - Day Five
Frank is again stuck with Jurgen, who is again complaining about the work load. Frank is clearly at the end of his teather but continues to tell Jurgen that there is nothing he can do about it for now. Jurgen carries on and on, leaving Frank with no alternative but to tell Jurgen to "get fucked".

1:02pm - Day Five
Rocky and Derek are talking about the earlier incident of Arnold getting beaten up by some bloke with a tree branch. They have found the whole thing very funny and are laughing hesterically about it.

12:20pm - Day Four
The team have a lot to chat about after an eventful day. Derek has killed a guide dog and two men have confronted Rocky after he put Clive is Hospital. But the main topic of discussion is the bird Derek shagged the night before. He again shows the team his love bites and goes on to tell them about how much of a goer this woman was. "We did the lot" he boasts. "I think I have pull a hamstring".

1:23pm - Day Three
The remaining team members have still not heard how Clive is after he had been taken away by Ambulance after a bust up with Rocky. The police have also taken Rocky away for questioning. Arnold admits he is rather hoping Big Biffa kick Rocky off the show as he is becoming more and more unsure about him.

1:15pm - Day Three
It seems that a lot of the talk is mainly centred around the stories in the papers about Rocky. A man has come forward claiming to be his gay lover. Clive had shown Rocky the story during their shift but had ended up recieving two broken ribs for his trouble. The crew are undecided about the story and with no one really brave enough to ask him, the chat remains as just idle gossip.

2:37pm - Day Two
Jurgen has just come out of his meeting with Archie and isn't looking to happy. He makes a bee line for Frank and is clearly trying to get more luck out of him than he did Archie. With Arnold being called away during the morning for a meeting, Jurgen is very unhappy about the workload. He starts moaning to Frank about the whole thing and there are even a few unkind words about Rocky mentioned. Frank tries to reason with Jurgen and calm him down.

2:30pm - Day Two
Rocky and Derek and chatting about the day, Derek tells Rocky about the Indian Resturant story and how no one was brave enough to go and get the bins. Rocky laughs saying he would have gone in, got the bins and taken the dogs out. He then starts to turn the conversation against Clive saying that he is not surprised Clive wouldn't go in before starting to take the piss out of the size of his head.

11:02am - Day One
Arnold and Clive are the only ones remaining in the Staff Room with everyone else gone home and finished for the day.
Clive still not happy about having to work with Rocky asks if there is anything Arnorld can do as Union Rep for the week.
"He gives it all this Rocky crap, he doesn't even look like him. Although I think it's fair to say he sounds like him with that gormless voice, I bet he isn't even that hard, I would quite fancy my chances against him to be honest".
Arnold decides to remain quiet on the subject and agrees to see where the crew stand with the Union.

10:30am - Day One
With the Crew still about, Archie takes this chance to sit down and ask them what went wrong. The team are still not wishing to blame Derek for coming off the route. Frank explains that his team were acting in self defence against WasteCare. Archie explains that the police have told him that Rocky will have to stay in a cell over night to cool down after claiming he was going to hunt down the driver of the WasteCare cart when he got out.
Archie tells the crew they will have to start the day a man down, but Big Biffa will be continuing.
Rocky will join the crew again as soon as he is released.

10:00am  - Day One
The talk in The Staff Room is obviously about the opening day. The group are sat together and no one seems to be blaming Derek for taking the drew into the wrong route. Clive already starts to air his concerns about having to work with the arrested Rocky. Frank tries to dismiss any negative talk about Rocky and tries to lift the spirits in the camp. The crew do agree that Rocky will not be making any tea after he urinated in the WasteCare's flask during their morning bust up.