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Rocky Stallone

Rocky is known as a bit of a loose cannon. We
have been informed that he is not actually
dangerous, but that we should keep an eye on him.
Rocky, who's real name is Shaun Bell, changed his
name to Rocky Stallone after becoming obsessed
with the Rocky films and his idol Sly Stallone.
He is convinced he is in somehow related, thinking
that their shared looks must run deeper than just

Rocky is quite new to the Waste industry and only started work on the bins as part of his commuinity service 1 year ago. He found he likes the job so much that he applied to stay on after he had finished his sentence. Has said that getting to work outside helps calm his temper, although he insists he is not a dangerous man.  "I have learnt to control my temper now, and anyway until the police take this electronic tag off me, I would be stupid to have a go at someone. Prison is no place for someone like me, and I sure as hell don't want to bring the family name into disgrace. Sly would kill me".

Rocky could turn out to be the fastest worker in this challange, as he likes to run round the route in his grey tracksuit using it as training for his boxing career (which has yet to start). 
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