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Here is where you are able to read what the press are saying about this years best Reality game show.
The Sport - Day Three
Stallion Stallone wouldn't harm a fly.
A man has come forward in defence of Rocky Stallone. The star of Big Biffa was arrested on the first day of the new Reality show for criminal damage to another Waste Cart. But today a man claiming to be Rocky secret lover has come forward to defend him.
"I have known Rocky for 3 years now and we have got to know each other more than very well. I have never known him to lose his temper let alone hit anything, the only time he has acted thugish is when I have requested it in bed. No pain, no gain is my motto if you know what I mean".

The Star - Day Two
The promised ratings war between Big Biffa and ITV's "I'm a Celebrity.........", got off to a flying start. Although it could turn out that the Big Biffa Crew win this war simply because they are all as thick as sh*t. After failing to empty a single bin, having a crew member arrested for violent behaviour, I'm a Celebrity could well be under the cosh from the Big Biffa dullards.
Rumours that ITV will set a possibly fatal trap for one of their contestants to get the public interested, were denied last night, but no one has seen Danniella Westbrook for 5 hours.

The Sun - Day Two
Big Biffa turns to Big Balls Up
After all the hype, all the build up, Big Biffa almost finished before it started yesterday. The team of 6 wannabe stars managed to end their first day under the Big Biffa cameras without emptying a single bin. The Crew, who this week have chosen Derek, didn't even mange to stay on their own route. The result was a punch up with a rival team from Waste Care. Sly Stallone wannabe Rocky Stallone even ended up in a police cell after trying to smash up the Waste Care Cart. There were also rumours that he pissed into their drivers Tea.
The rival driver is said to be considering legal action after he continued to drink the tea and spent the night in Hospital having his stomach pumped.