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Archie will be bringing us his reports and thoughts on the crew at the end of every week.
Although he may be forced to bring us his comments at anytime depending on the goings on during Big Biffa.
Week One's Report:
Well how was that for the first week of Big Biffa. I have certainly been kept on my toes. When I first met with the Big Biffa Officials and spoke about what we might come to expect over the 4 weeks, we could never have imagined it being as big as this. A lot of my time this week has been dealing with the police. They have been very good about everything that has gone on. And I have no idea where we would have stood had Derek been arrested for running over that Guide Dog.
I have spoken to Derek about that and he swears that he didn't see anything, the first he knew about it was when he felt the Cart drive over the poor Dog. He said he could feel the bones crunch under the wheel and all he could hear was the cries of distress from the Dog's owner as he realised what had happened to his dog.
But I would like to point out that these Guide Dogs are supposed to be trained to know when it is safe to walk across the road and when it isn't, so although the dog is not here to defend himself, it is mainly his fault. Derek of course feels upset but doesn't feel it is his fault in anyway. Yes he may have been very over the limit but like I say these dogs are supposed to be switched on.
We have also had some problems with Rocky this week. The most highlighted incident possibly when Clive had to pull out at the end of the week after his injuries he substained after a fight with Rocky, forced him to leave the show.
Rocky has also had to put up with a few stories about him in the press this past week. I have spoken to him about them and he didn't really want to give much away, but so far it is not effecting him, which is good to see.
Arnold and Frank have filled their rolls very well and I have no complaints about then. Jurgen is still trying to adapt to the work load and it would be nice to see him come through this so we can see the real Jurgen. Fingers crossed he won't be voted off before we get a chance to see that.

Week One: Breaking News
I would like to welcome Warren to Big Biffa. Due to Clive having to pull out right at the end of this week, Warren has come in to fill his boots. Warren has been on the standby list since we announced who the final 6 were a few weeks ago. I am sure he will enjoy his time with us and give us plenty to watch.