Big Biffa Profile
Jurgen Samsung

Jurgen has come over from Germany especially to
take part in Big Biffa. "There was no way I was
missing out on this". Jurgen classes himself as the
ultimate binman and says if anyone should represent
German Binmen it should be him. Although the rules
clerly state that anyone living outside the UK can not
claim the prize, Jurgen is more than happy to take
this oppitunity to maybe opening doors to further his career in Waste.

Jurgen has had a mixed life in German, where he has had a number of jobs including a Cheese Taster, Snake Breeder, Pornstar, Plumber and MP.
"When I was a Pornstar, the women loved me, when I became a Binman they no longer were interested, so this is my chance to put the glamour into Waste Disposal and show the ladies that it's ok to love a Binman, just because we may not wash as much doesn't mean we are not human".

Jurgen also claims to have the biggest German Sausage collection in Europe. This record would have been recorded before now, only where most of the meat has gone off in his cellar, no one can stomach the smell when they go down there, so as of yet, no one has been able to count the collection. "You will have to take my word for it, but it's big".
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