Big Biffa Profile
Frank Butters

Frank has had a lot of jobs but has never felt as settled
as the life he now has as a Binman. Now with 5 years
experience behind him, Frank felt more than ready for
the Big Biffa Challange. Dispite over 5000 entires,
Frank's knowledge for the job stood out and he was one
of the first Binmen to be chosen.

Although we know Frank has been a Jack of all trades, we have also discovered that he has spent some time in Prison. When we confronted him about it, he didn't really give us a straight answer and said it was something he wanted to forget about.
Frank was a member of the famous Binmen Crew that were all killed (apart from him) in 1999. The crew were all taking a leak in a field when they were somehow run over by their own dustcart. Frank somehow survived. Soon after was when Frank served his time in Prison. Since then he has been able to come back into the Waste Disposal Sector and continue his career as a Binman.

It is thought that Frank will quickly show himself to be the leader of the crew with his strong character and the fact that he is a big bastard as well as a bit of a bully.
Never one to drive the cart, but one who likes to get his hands dirty.
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