Big Biffa Profile
Derek Dougals

Derek could turn out to be the silent threat for the
big prize. Derek likes to keep himself to himself
but is deadly serious about Waste Disposal. Back
in 1995 Derek put a number of proposals to the
Government to have Waste Disposal turned into
a College Degree. He failed and never even got to
meet with the Minister for Education, dispite
sending him over 5 letter a day for a year. He was
though arrested for harrasing behaviour.

Derek, other than Achie has the longest serving career in Waste which spans back over 20 years.
He lives alone but boasts the cleanest house in his Estate. Derek likes thing simple and has no real furnature to speak of. "Less is more" he is happy to tell people,
Going on what we know about Derek, he could be the one who works his way to a win during Big Biffa. No one to complain about fellow workers, Derek prefers to simply clear up after them rather than cause any trouble.

Derek is used to people chuckling at his name, but insists that he looks nothing like Dougal the Dog from the Magic Roundabout. "no I have never looked like him, I am pleased to say, I also have an S at the end of my name which also makes the link a bit less likey".
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