Big Biffa Profile
Clive Fudge

Clive's head is not really as big as it looks.
"everyone does it" he says "just becasue it is more
rounder than most people's heads everyone thinks
it's bigger than it looks". Clive also has another
feature that get's people staring at him from the off.
He has one brown eye and one red eye.

Dispite this, Clive is not totally a freak. He is well known as being one hell of a
Binman as well. He won fastest Binman in Scunthorpe two years running and
got himself on TV recently, taking part in a feature on Banzi for Channel 4.
Clive see's this as the next stage in his bid for fame. "I feel I can use my skills as
a Binman to get me noticed and on the ladder to stardom. What I really want is to promote world wide awareness of rubbish disposal on TV".

Clive will be seen as a key member to the crew. He is said to be a bit of a joker and hardly ever in a bad mood, which could prove important on those difficult days.
He also see's the job in more of an old fashioned sense, refusing to use gloves and toe capped boots. "The way I see it, people got on just fine in the good old days so why change it". Clive refuses to look at the stats that says 1 in 5 Binmen died inbetween the years of 1901-1968 through work related injuries that could have been prevented had the correct working equipment been worn.
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