Big Biffa Profile
Arnold Jacobs

Arnold is straight out of College and has never actually
worked on the Bin's before. This is his first job and he
is hoping it will secure him a job for life in Waste.
As with most Students, Arnold has no intention of using
any of his new qualifications to get a job in the field he
studied for nearly 6 years. "I did study for 6 years to
become a vet, but after I took the final exams, I realised
I didn't actually want to be a vet and that I may have wasted everyone's time".

Arnold says his Student days will put him in good stead for life as a Binman. "I am used to being around mess, you should see the state of my lodgings, and I spent most of my time in the pub drinking cider".

"I find the world of S&M fasinating" says Arnold. "I shaved my head bald so that I could get into the Gimp Mask easier. Sometimes I wear it round the house because I love the feel of it so much". We are hoping that Arnold does not feel the need to wear it while taking part in Big Biffa, but as there are no rules against it, there won't be much we can do about it.

Arnold might not be amoungst the names that might win, but don't surprised if he is still there in the final week.
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