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The Guv - Archie Simms

Every Depot needs a leader.
To over see our 6 Binmen we have brought in one
of Waste's best Guv'nors, Archie Simms.
With over 30 years experience behind him, there
is no better man for the job. Skilled in teaching his
crews all there is to know in waste desposal,
Archie will be there to keep things in check, deal
with any issues our men might have, complaints from any unhappy customers and weekly reports on our men to keep you up to date on everyone's progress.

Archie see's his dutys as more than just a job. "My life is waste and how to get rid of it, ever since I was a boy and one of my first duties round the house was taking the rubbish out to the bin. Ever since then I have had this fasination with the whole disposal of it. I remember going up to rubbish sites as a kid and just looking at the piles and piles of rubbish. I used to come back stinking of the stuff. I always used to get a buz as well when ever I saw the dustcarts coming up our street to take empty the bins. There is something very magic about Waste Disposal, and fingers crossed this whole project will highlight that. I am really looking forward to working with these men and having the best 4 weeks of my life".

Archie is single, no kids and pretty much no friends either.
His only hobbies are going through rubbish and trying to find "bargins" that people may have thrown away. "you would be amazed at what people throw away".
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Archie Simms