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Day Nine: Highlights

5:05am The Big Biffa Depot is about to be thrown into disarray. 100 protesters have assembled outside the Depot. They are calling for Big Biffa to be taken off the air. After more than a few incidents involving the Police in the nine days of Big Biffa so far, the people outside the Deport are calling for the plug to be pulled. Big Biffa officials are informed that many more people are expected to be joining them.

5:25am The team have all arrived. They have been ushered through the back door. It becomes clear very quickly that there is no way they are going to be able to drive the Cart through the front gates. More people have assembled outsdie now. It is believed that Binmen from around the counrty are also part of his protest claiming that Big Biffa is giving them a bad name.

5:45am The officials of Big Biffa and the crew do not want this to stop everyone going about their days work, but at the moment are trapped in the Depot. With just too many people outside there is no way they can start their days work.
The Big Biffa Officials call a meeting that also involves Arnold and Archie.

5:54am With the others in a meeting, Rocky, Jurgen, Frank and Derek are left to sit around and chat about the people outside.
Rocky is all for opening the doors and simply just driving out, if anyone is hurt that will be their look out. Jurgen is more in the thinking that this could be the chance of a day off and tries to talk the others round into calling for the day to be written off.

6:15am Archie and Arnold come out of the meeting with the Big Biffa Officials. The inform the team that it looks like the days work will have to be called off today, but that the crew will have to remain in the Depot until the usual working day is over. This is due to viewing figures. If the team were to go home the viewers would have nothing to watch. With cameras all over the depot people will at least be able to watch something.

6:52am Boredom sets in quickly for the team. There is nothing to do arround the Depot other than sit in the Staff Room or out in the main Garage. The protesters are still outside and more seem to be joining them. Their shouts and chants can clearly be heard inside.

7:13am Big Biffa decides that this might be a good chance to get their viewers to know more about their binmen. Everyone is called into the staffroom and asked to sit down. They are then told they each have to talk about themselves for ten minutes. The group are not happy about this, but after some debating agree to give it ago.

7:20am Arnold agrees to go first as Team Leader. Not sure what to really say about himself, Big Biffa asks him to tell us a bit about any hobbies he may have.
Arnold starts to talk about his love for S&M much to the amazement of the group. He goes on to tell the group about his collection of Gimp masks he owns. He informs them in great detail about the difference in masks that you can buy. He then goes to his coat and pulls one out of his pockets. He tells them that he likes to just wear them around wherever he is and always has one on him. He puts it on. He then starts to talk about the PVC pants he is wearing. Big Biffa stop him in his tracks just as he is about to drop his trousers.

7:40am Frank has started his talk to the team, it isn't long before he too is sharing something personal with his team mates. Frank starts to tell the lads about the famous Binman 5 story, where 5 of his crew were killed while taking a leak in a field. Frank was the only one to surviev as he was in the cab at the time. The 5 others were all run over by their own Dustcart. To this day Frank still says he has no idea how the Cart ran them all over while he was in the cab. He also goes on to talk about his Prison sentence. He explains the harsh realities of life behind bars. "It was bugger or be buggered" he explains.

8:00am Rocky decides he now wants to accress the group and tell them something about himself. He starts to go into depth about his Boxing career. He is soon into the story of the time a World Boxing Champion came into his town and offered to give an unknown boxer from their town a chance to fight him for the World Title. Rocky tells the group that he was chosen to take the fight on, he was given no chance but took the Champ to the last round. He lost and ended up breaking the nations hearts when at the final bell all he could do was call out the name of his girlfriend and ask her to marry him live on TV.

8:45am Big Biffa have decide that maybe the talks are not such a good idea after all and just leave the group to amuse themselves.

8:57am The crowd outside are getting restless as is Rocky. he decides that enough is enough and tells the lads that he it going to go out there and kick the shit out of everyone.
Arnold pulls Rocky to one side and askes him to remain inside until their shift has finished. Rocky agrees.

9:23am The protesters seem to be making more noice than before. It sounds like trouble might have started outside.Big Biffa Officials ask the crew to stay in the Staff Room for their own saftey.
It suddenly becomes apparant that Rocky is nowhere to be seen.

9:34am The trouble outside seems to have the crowds filtering out, people inside the Depot are not sure if this is because the crowd are looking for another way in or if they are backing off.
Big Biffa have been informed that the Police have been called and that there appears to be quite a few injured people outside.

9:47am The Police finally arrive at the scene.
The crowds now seem to have been disburst and the crew are free to open up the doors for the first time that morning. They are faced with a good 50 injured people and one very happy looking Rocky. He has blood all over him where he has clearly been injured but he has a huge smile on his face.
The rest are all laying on the floor hurt waiting for some medical assistance.

10:06am The police feel that there is not much more the crew will be able to do today and ask if they would call it a day. Big Biffa Officials agree. The Police call Rocky aside and thank him for his help. They inform him that the protesters were mainly Students and were more than asking for it. "all they do is go on marches for one reason or another, all they are doing is trying to skip classes, we 'ate them Rocky so thanks for giving them a good kicking".
Rocky walks off feeling like a hero.
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