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Day Eight: Highlights

5:00am The team are called in early to sort out the duties for the up and coming week. They will be a man down after Warren was voted off the day before.
As like last week the team have to sort out who will be team leader for the week, who will drive the Dustcart and who will become the team's Union Rep.

5:20am Things seem to be sorted out. Arnold has been voted as Team leader after his efforts as Union Rep last week, Jurgen asked to be driver for the week, and after his antics towards the end of last week the rest of the group agree. And in a straight swap Frank goes from Team leader to Union Rep.
Rocky and Derek are left with no roles this week otehr than usual Binmen.

5:34am The team are ready to go. This time last week the team failed to find their way ontot this route first time round and ended up in a fight with a rival company. Archie reminds the team of this and asks them to be careful this time round.

5:56am Big Biffa officials are left scratching their heads, as for the second Monday on the trot the team have not been picked up by the Big Biffa cameras. The team are yet to start on the days route and so far there is no sign of them.
After a week of problems the Big Biffa Officials were hoping for an event free week with the papers only commenting on the mens work.

6:25am There is still no sign of the team. A search party is sent out to try and find them. Big Biffa are forced to show re-runs of of some of the highlights of last week to try and cover up what could be another massive cock up.

6:37am Rumours start to do the rounds as to what has gone on. GM-TV are the from runners with a so called "news just in..." story. They claim that the team have taken part in a massive walk out after stories in the press over the week concerning the guide dog that was killed by the Big Biffa Dustcart the week before.

6:58am The team have been found. The Big Biffa search party find the Cart parked outside a Dry Cleaners. Jurgen is stood outside the cart arguing with Arnold.
The Big Biffa Officials move in to find out what the problem is. They soon find out that Jurgen decided to pick up his dry cleaning before the team got on with the days work. They arrived only to find that the shop doesn't open until 7am. Since 5:45am jurgen and Arnold have been arguing. With Jurgen wanting to wait until the shop opens so he can pick up his Dry Cleaning and Arnold (and the rest of the team) wanting to get back to the job.
Jurgen goes on to tell Big Biffa Officials that he has an important date straight after work and will not be able to pick up his clothes after work. He refuses to budge until the shop opens. With Jurgen having the only set of keys for the cart the team have no option.

7:04am A stressed out Jurgen appears from the shop.
It appears he has gone to the wrong Dry Cleaners.

7:14am With Jurgen warned by Big Biffa that any more hold up's could result in him being taken out of the show, the team finally are able to go about their work for the day.

7:45am Due to the team being a man down officially for the first time they will be pushed to get the jobs done as quick as they could last week. With their routes not being scaled down until the final week, the team try to go about working as fast as they can.

8:03am With yet more stories in the weekend papers coming from Rocky's so called Gay lover, he has kept himself pretty much to himself so far this morning. But while the team go about their work, they are suddenly greeted by a group of about 34 men claiming to be the Rocky Fan Club. They all make their way to Rocky and try to confront their new hero. At first Rocky is quite taken back by the attention, but after a few moments it becomes clear to him that the men are all gay. It seems the stories that have come out about Rocky from this mystery man have made Rocky a bit of a cult figure in the gay communitty.

8:05am Rocky's fan club are still surrounding Rocky. Clearly now totally uncomfy with this attention Rocky starts to ask the group to leave him alone. The group seem to be getting a bit familiar with their new hero and Rocky can clearly be seen getting touched up. Rocky tries to push the men off but with all 34 wanting a peice of him he is not doing too well at getting them to leave him alone.

8:36am The Police and Ambulance crew finally arrive on the scene.
The twelve injured men are seen to by the medics and Rocky is again questioned by the Police.
The uninjured 22 men are all clearly in shock, unable to take in how their hero could turn on them like this. Some are in tears and others can be heard talking in very high pitched voices almost in panic. Extra Police are called to the scene.

8:43am The extra Police arrive and try to calm down the stunned screaming Mary's. It is decided that Rocky will have to be taken back to the police station, with 12 men injured this time, there is no way they will be able to let him get back to his work. The rest of the team are advised to go on about their work.
The Police are left with 22 crying camp men. Their cries are now so high pitched that dogs in the area have started to howl.
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